Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This was a collab that started like a request...a surprise request about Asuras Wrath, done by Karulox

He did the sketch and i add the colors and he helped me a lot in there!!! Drawing water was pretty difficult >_< but Karu gives me a lot of tips and guided me. Wish i could paint like he does it D: i am not entirelly happy with the water but he was very patient with me xDDD

He can be found in Y! Gallery and there he have links to all his other sites :D

Gracias Karu por el dibujo *0*!!

And i just get the platinum trophy of Asura´s Wrath! Yay!!! The game have room for improvement but it was pretty awesome and damn fullfilling. Awesome character design (something new games forget...) and a very fresh and unique gameplay.

I dont know how Capcom publish the game tough and yet it have more important series in they basment, locked in the cell (Drakstalkers, Rival Schools) but i hope they stop doing useless RE games and they do more new series like Asura´s Wrath

1/4 of the game comes as DLC tough....and i doubt we get an Asura´s Wrath 2 ;_; but its a pretty special and neat game if you ever wanted to see a fusion of God of War, Dragon Ball and Gurren Lagan :D


DinosaurPrince said...

1/4th of the game is downloadable content? Dang...I was hyped to get this, but after reading that comment, forget about it. I think that answers our questions about why Capcom doesn't focus more on original ideas and bring back old series. The old Capcom is dead. This game is certainly a glitter of hope, but not much more then Godhand I guess? Excellent picture by Karulox nonetheless!

DEVILMAN said...

When i see the ending i was soo....innocent, and i was "oh they are going to do an Asuras Wrath 2 o_o?" but yes....the game have 19 chapters and they are going to release 8 chapters as DLC..that makes 1/4 of the game o_o

I guess Capcom would not release this game if it didnt had someway to get more money out of it xDDD

Maybe they are going to make an Asura´s Wrath Ultimate edition o_o?