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AGE: Unknown. Looks like hes on his 25s-30s
HEIGHT: 185 Cm
BLOOD TYPE: Dosnt have one
SPECIES: Nosferatu
FAMILLY: All dead
ORIGIN: Europe
POWERS: Strong physicall powers. Almost immortal. Hypnosis. He can manipulate the weather to certain point
WEAKNES: In day time hes as weak as a normal human. Theres some ways to kill him but only he knows them
SHAPE: He can take the shape of a canine (not a dog or a wolf), he can be mist, rats and also can take the form of a demonic - shadow creature
JOB: Many.
LIKES: He likes to read and all kind of art. Travel around the world. He likes rock and instrumental music from all over the world (his favoruite song is Season Call from Hyde). "Play" with the human life and find something "new". All kind of physical works. Rememeber his past
DISLIKES: Booredoom. Recklessness. The noise of the city
FEARS: Insects. The tattoos on his own body. Remember his past

Alexander Gates - also called Alex or Gates - its a Nosferato, a vampire. He can move in day time (but hes really weak)and many vampiric superstitions (like garlic and the symbol or a cross) dosnt works with him. Hes is basically a undead and if he dosnt feed with blood twice every week, his body starts to decay (he looks more like a healty human thanks to the human hunts he make each night). This of course cant kill him, theres some ways to kill the likes of him but only he knows how to do it.

He can change his shape into mist, into a shadow, he can turn into many rats or be a canine creature (not a dog or a wolf) and also he can change into a vamppire creature - more similar to a demon - who can melt with shadows. Its very RARE to se ehim using this form and most of his friends never saw them or arent sure of how is this shapeless winged creature.

Gates have many powers, but not because of his condition, but because he has been "living" for a loooong time and he learn how to use them. As someone who read for more than a century, hes well educated and knows English, Spanish, Italian, French, Rumanian and Chinese. In the long years he has been traveling, he tried all kind of jobs - out of fun of course - and this gives him a lot of experience but he has been always a warrior, since he was a human, a guardian, and a soldier later on on many of his lifes. He was a soldier in the 2nd World War (His dog tags come from that period of his existence) and its on this period where the memorys start to fade away.

The memorys of the begining of the 20th century are now a shadow of a forgotten dream on his head. He can remember little and senseless events of his pre 1900s days but he already dosnt remember who wa shim originally, who was his familly, from where he come from, wath are the tattoos he have or why hes a Nosferatu.

For many years he has been triying to find out who he is and why he cant remember. Is this the limit of his brain or theres something else? As a vampire hes almost immortal and this leads him to a strong boringnes. He alredy traveled around all the world, he see every place, he experienced everything and while the world is constatlly changing (he loves that) theres periods where hes terrible bored and since death cant affect him, his existance turns meaningless. In this periods he usually likes to "play" with humans and becomes theyr nightmares. Creating illusions, controling theyr minds or just spreading the terror and death among some regions or towns he comes to anallize the human mind - full of flaws and soo fragil - and how it moves enterily by the feeling called "fear"

Normally hes a peacefull guy with a strong and protective personality. Hes very reliable thanks to his experience and knowledge and also acts kinday silly now and then, triying to be heroic but he can act better the villian role. Hes very seductive too and savage onces hes extremelly hungry. He loves all kind of physicall work thanks to the warrior / military tradition of his existance.

Hes very good friend of the young Jason Blake, a wereworlf he adopts as his pet, but since werewolfs and vampires are soo related, Gates and Blake have a strong "species bond". Jason is at times Alex bes friend and at times his just another of his toys, but the young wolf is deffinetly his link to the human world and his way to "re-discover" nthe world form the eyes of a young one.

His other friend is Mizuki Nori, a young girl he saved in Hong Kong some time ago. This girls wasnt a human at all, shes a Youkai form Japan but somehow....Gates felt something strong for her. Not love of course, but an unknown link, like if she was an old friend or a sister he lost.

This guy is my firs original character, OMG D=!!!!!

It took me quite some tim build this image but it was a lot of fun (specially on his hair!!!), i am still unsure about the lineart....and of cours ei dont like the background at all >_> but anyways.....

This guy was originally called Dante, but since DMC 1 arrives, i had to change his name for something less Capcomish (yes, this guy has been around my head since than long xD) he also used his own blood to kill otehr vampires but then the anime Bloos+ born a few years ago...... soo this guy has been having a lot of shapes xD

I am going to really apreciate comments about him since is the first character i design (and i show). His "monster form" is fully designed with colors and details, but i decided to put him in blacknes. like a shadow- because i dont want to show him yet Dx!!!

I honestly love vampire,s but i am soo SICK to see that all the vampires are sickly and delicate pale young guy fan of the hard metal music or the elegance. Seruslly, why all the vampires are rich? Why they are all beautifull and almost she-males? And why they are always emos like "Oh god, i am a vampire!! I dont want to kill!! I hate myself because i love a human D:"??

Soo i basically try to go against everything in the modern vamprie formula and pick the "Nosferatu race". Nosferatus are living dead, more like zombies. Theyr state its a terrible curse and dont provide any beauty. They are mor elinked to theyr beats nature than theyr human side. The cross, garlics and the sun light cant kill them (Dracula was the only one weak to those) and theyr are very RARE (yes, theres no vampire socieitis or a war against the werewolfs Dx)

This is the main character of my story, a story without aname yet....but i already have fully designed the other 2 main character - Jason Blake and Mizuki Nori as well as many of the villians lol!!!!

And sinc ei know all of you are driven by your sexual desires, i had to do this D=!!!!

I actually think i like more the ndue version than the clothed one =O (not thanks of the nudeness of course xD)

Long time ago Alex Gates adopted Jason as his pet but in ffact they are really good friends, is just that Gates likes to call Jason that way or sometimes se ehim as a kid. He also feeds on him now and then (but he cant take too much blod, since vampries and wolfs are related, its canibalism >_>) but since Gates is bisexual and he lieks to "play around" with his food, Jason end raped by him and sicne then he has been Alex sex toy <_<

Anyways, thats a story for anotehr day o-o>

*falls a sleep in the leyboard*


Baraboylover said...

Mmm. He can suck on my blood, as long as he doesn't kill me of course. lol

DEVILMAN said...

And he can suck blood from many palces of the body, not only the neck >_>

Heyohwhoa said...

This is a great looking character you got here looking forward to seeing more of him :)

DEVILMAN said...

Hey thanks a lot =O
I want to show more about him, but first need to finish the last touchs on his friends ;P

Steph said...

Hi, found your character on the Deviant board and loved him. I was then redirected to your page and would like to ask you a question. I was so inspired that I would like to try and write a story. I am by no means a author or writer but on occasion have my moment of creativity. Of course you may read it before anyone when or if I finish and post it on your site if you like and have creative control. I just felt that I should ask before I write. Thanks Email is

DEVILMAN said...

Hi there Steph =o
Oh, you arrive here from Devian ART? i dont remember leaving a link of this place over there xDDDD but its good to have you around here
I am really really glad i inspire you, specially if it was with my original character!
Feel free to write about it, would be an inetresting and neat experience read your story x3

Steph said...


Kerainen said...

This is too awesome! me encanta! espero que haya más de él :3

DEVILMAN said...

Si habr tan pornto termine lo que debo xD
Igual le incluire algunso compañeros (y compañeras :B)