Friday, October 30, 2009


OMG i am soo adicted to this game xDDDD

My main characters are Jecht, Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness!!!! And my seconds are Kuja, Terra and Kefka....but i think Terra is really overpowered, she can counter pretty much any other character o_o

I just hate that......this game have a total lose of balance. Exdeath its like....part of the forniture, he barelly moves.....and Sephiroth is soo strong!!! Really, he can fart and make a nuclear explosion.....

This are some more fights i had on my PSP xD


Liam said...

Just wait until you fight Shantotto.

DEVILMAN said...

Oh is she that strong o_o?
I still dont unlock her but i was expecting something like that to compensate her not soo menacing apearance xD