Thursday, October 22, 2009


....yhea.....i really hate numeric evaluations, but this game REALLY pull off a perfect 10

I just finished UNCHARTED 2 AMONG THIEVES a few moments ago and i am incredibly shocked. Soo here are the bad points i find:

x- The final boss wa skinda lame xD

Here are the good points of this game:

o- It have a really smart story full of plot twists and real history misterys
o- It have such realistic and yet charming and original big cast of characters with AWESOME voice acting
o- The graphcis are incredible from the menu to the credits
o- The game is a lot longer than the first one
o- Theres lots and lots of extras to unlock
o- It have such a simplistic and yet FUN online multiplayer mode
o- It lets you record and manipulate the characetr mdoesl and scenarios and cameras, soo you can create your own cinematics
o- The scenarios are HUGE and theres lots and lots of exploration
o- It have incredible plataforms scenarios
o- It have lots of rescue missions of all kind
o- It have way more puzzles than the first one
o- It have a really cool and easy to use combat system
o- It have AMAZING action!!!
o- It have lots of stealth missions
o- The game change each second and surprise you with each step
o- Theres a big amount of different palces to visit

Seriuslly i am amazed how this game its a "new franchise" and still not very popular while other games that dosnt reach this level of interactivity and detail are more hyped, like RE, SF or MGS

Because yhea.......this game is a lot better than Metal Gear Solid4 o_______O

OMFG i cant belive i write that D8...but yhea, it really is
I am worryed because after playing UNCHARTED 2 i am going to see all new games like "boring" games o-o

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