Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello my friends x3

This entry is just to ask some little help. I been working in this pic and i get manage to draw the eyes, face and mouth rigth with the point of view and proportion but i have some problems with the nose xD

I think this is more to ask opinions about it, do it looks right? I am sure is going to looks better with the shadows and shades but i dont want to go in the wrong direction and add the color.

Soo wath do you think? Biger? Smaller? i dont draw too much this point of view xD


Inferno said...


Anyway. Um...lessee. The shape itself is good, but I think his nose is a bit too narrow for his face. Probably widen it a bit, I guess?

DEVILMAN said...

Hey =D

Yhea, the point of view leave the nose quite narrow and small (but i am doing a close up of the face too in other angles soo it can be more clear)

I already changed the nose and looks better. Thanks =D