Friday, June 13, 2008


In 1998 Metal Gear Solid was born on the PSX. Since then the saga has been evolved like no other. Every game in the story has been an epic and spectacular event in the videogames industry.

21 years ago MG born on the MSX thanks to Hideo Kojima and Konami, the game was simple but begins a new genre: the stealth genre - avoid the enmys at any cost while usign cardboard boxes and all kind of weapons and items.

In 1990, Kojima release Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake. This time the game had a wonderfull 8-bits soundtrack, much more colorfull graphics, evoquing and original events (like catching a bird using racions as decoy, travel from one place to another inside a box or build a flamethrower in the midle of a boss figth) and also very impresive characters. This time Snake was facing his old enemy and father Big Boss and his best friend, Gray Fox.

I meet MGS in 1998, with the PSX. Back then looked like MGS was the perfect game, everybody was in love of it and the game looked plane and boring to me. But i start to investigate th characters and i was intrigued by them, the villians looked really interesting, soo i get the game i was impresed. The game build an impresive terrorits attack using original gameplay events, but also show a diverse and rich amount of characters. The villians and the good guys were soo cool and yet soo realistic and human.

With MGS 2 comes the real therath to the gamers. The game was - and still is- the first postmodersnist game. With the use of the characters and the gameplay itself, Kojima talked directly to us-the gamers- to deliver us a message.

MGS 3 was my most anticipated game ever.....i waited for it for every second, since the 2002 to the 2004. Every trailer was a major event for me, and me and many other people were obssesed with different theorys. The game comes out and it was much better than wath i was expecting. Kojima finally find the balance between story and gameplay, giving us a epic and original love story full of emotional and political deepnes in a straigthforward way.

I later buy a PSP just to play Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. This time the game made us build a collection of characters traped with wi-fi hotspots or kidnaped on the story mode. The characters again shine, from the Perfect Soldier who has no memorys, to the telephatic girl with two personalitys.

Oneof the aspects that made me fall in love of MGS is the fact that EVERY aspect of the game is carefully crafter. the games is pure perfection. The gameplay must be refined with every entry, adding new elemnts and twists to give it more deep but without making it complicated. The story recive the same perfectionism, the script is much more plished than any Hollywood script. The music is made by a Hollywood compositor and the voices are made with profeccional actors to give to each character the rigth personality and soul.

Wath was the disposal of all this? Well, the most basic thing on MGS is the fact that THERES NO VILLIANS OR HEROS. the "good guys" always have a secret agenda or are not as good as they Snake, hes a hero, but also hes an assassin and theres darknes inside him. The "bad guys" are taking violent actions, they may kill inocent persons, but they have a reason, a motive, and more important: they have humanity and they can be the true victims of the events.

Theres no enemy in an absolut term, the enemys we face everyday and enemys in relative terms, because they are humans like us. The one who chose who is the enemy and who is not are the times, depending of our circustances, friends can be enemys in an isntant. But the only way a "soldier" can live as a true soldier, is beliving on the mission and nothing more.

But not even soldiers can find theyr way with the mission. The "justice" and "ideals" can change from one day to the next and the only thing we can do is be loval to ourselves: figth for wath we belive.....its not important if the decission is rigth or wrong, as long as if we figth for wath we belive we can trascend in one way or another.

We are always chained to our genes. As species, our instinct is to pass our genetic information to the next thougth our familly but we cant let ourselves be traped by our genes. Theres soo many ways to pass something....impostant things like traces of our life: languages, books, images, memorys and feeling. Teach this stuff between us is the only way to change the world and is our responsability with the next generations.

How can we know wath is rigth and wath is wrong? If we are controlled by some force, we need to destroy that force? We can really have liberty? Liberty have a HUGE price...the price of blood, and the price of chaos wen is exercised by an inmature specie like us. Soo is better to have some kind of "guardian" to not have chaos? But that deserv to sacrifice our liberty?

We live in a world completelly digitalized, and with this we are loosing our humanity and hope. We are giving ourselvs to the circusntances and we are loosing ourselves in a river of social evolution.

I can continue for hours and hours, pages and pages, explaining this and the other millions of ideas and concepts between each MGS. with every MGS, you can learn lots and lots of stuff, from sscience to history, information about movies and technology, ideas of how to live and wath kind of proprity give to our lifes. MGS is an amzing experience, totally uniquie in the videogame world.

From his inmature and newby days, Snake has grow like a real human being. He may looks rude and serius, like a perfect rambo-like soldier. its is true that hes a professional on his field, but also is true that he has emotions and sensitive spots, and more important: he have flawys. lots of them.

Snake once, like some of us, already lose his hope on persons, and already decide to be alone for his own good but also he needs to go against his genes and fate, go agaisnt himself soo he dicede to do a change for the future generations.

Hes now an old man with only six months of life and this is his final act. The world is now eaten by an eternal world war between genetically enhanced mercenarys and machines. The war is rutine now, and who ever controsl war - controls the history. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots is out.

Soo, ill turn off my MGS mode xD ill be offline of msn for some days, i already have my two copys of MGS 4 =D!!!!!!
Of course, ill be checking this place everyday but ill spand my msn time to draw o_o......and the rest of my day to play MGS 4.

i am turning 23 years old this month, ill never expect to be present in a sense in "snakes funeral" :s ...................