Saturday, April 28, 2012


After being inside of god, after knowing god created everything and yet hes nothing but a mirror image of his creations. If he dosnt exist, does everythign else really exist?
After a couple of months Asura´s journey finally end in a burst of glory and sadnes and to see it, it cost money.

This is the only bad part of the game, the ending is feel like i was waiting for the last season of my fav anime and i like it, but make the ending of a game DLC is just way too dirty from Capcom xD

And predicably, the game is not a smash hit, not too much people is interested on it and in some way thats good. With Nirvana DLC, Asura´s Wrath is perfectly wrapped in a more than perfect way. I wish MGS 4 was this satisfiying xDDD And soo it ends one of the most odd, bizarre and original gaming experience i ever had. If the game is not of most people liking because dosnt feel like God of War, i am really glad. God of War is juts going to get his third "prequel" game telling Kratos origins for the third time D: and Asura is going to stay as a stand alone, individual experience like Shadow of the Colossus and Parasite Eve (Parasite Eve 2 dosnt have enything to do with the original PE >:T)

 I have to say, i am pretty impresed to play a game about the relationship of a father and his daugther. The only other game i played that touched that theme was MGS but in a very different way. Its amazing how japanese writers can make us feel such deep emotional connection to theyr strange and unrealistic characters while western games have a difficult time doing this xDDDD

 I am also happy with the lack of female sexuality in here. Asura´s wife is beautifull but is dressed like a pristess and not like a dominatrix (Ivy >:( ), Olga is more sexy looking but shes not whorish. Instead shes just a military figure (werid since shes the goodess of lust 0o0)

Asura´s daugther and the small girl that Asura protects, but are underage girls....and theres no lesbics inuendos about them. And they are not wearing maid outfits either D: and this is a japanese game!!! OMG!!!! It was such a pleasure enjoy small details like this xD

If only Capcom wasnt this greedy with the ending....but oh well, they already beat this and reach levels of greedynes never seen before by recording only half of the Resident Evil Operation Raccon game in the disc and seeling the other half as DLC xDDDDDDDDDD

I hope they add Asura to Marvel VS Capcom 4

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mmmmm.....Ninja Tehory surelly knows how to do pretty games. I really hated the idea of this game at the begining but i should say the visual side of i is pretty amazing (except for the vagina in teh face of the demon)

They changed Dantes model a lot and i am glad he looks better and less derp than he did on the first trailer tough i still miss the true DMC with withe haired Dante and Trsih and Lady

I wish they called this game different an not DmC <_<

And this trailer too. RE 6 looks really pretty (seriuslly Capcom xD, you just did SFxT ugly on porpuse!!!!) i love Leons new design and the dark setting of all of it

Sherry is damn awesome tough....

Ada has been cloned....i am not being silly, Clara is Adas clone and thats just <_<.....and the bald guy is Wesker´s son and inherited Weskers magical powers


Soo... Wesker was infected with the magical virus in 1998 and then he slipped in a volcano in 2008.....soo somehow...somehow he impregnated a woman in those 10 years?

Soo this guy is less than 10 years older?

as cool as the game looks. Capcom really REALLY needs to stop moving forward with the RE story


Yep, some random updates for new added chaarcters. The Cepheus store is an interesting feature, i am glad Namco is still supporting SCV

Alex Gates finally have some good looking pants :D!!! I hope they also release a good looking coat for him at some point. Tough i am not sure if i want him more dressed than this <_<



Yes i am runing out of names. But i am still playing SCV wich is surprising since i am starting to fele bored with SFxT o_0

Sunday, April 1, 2012


...soo amazing!!! Some time ago i did a post about the SF20: The Art of Street Fighter book and pointed aout how impresive are those artists Capcom have with them, Edayan, Ikeno, Kinu Nishimura....they have such amazing and unique style *_*

I was taking a look at the book yesterday and i was playing Soul Calibur V as well. Now i can say it with all confidence, Street Fighter X Tekken is one of the uglyest games have seen in the rescent years

This is specially evident on the Tekken characters. They do looks much better even on the PS 2 Tekken games...but the SF character models are pretty wrong as well xD i dunno wath happends with Ken o_o.....and also, the colors, the cartoony scenarios that looks like made with lego blocks, the 8-bits music.....i think all about the game helps to make it looks soo terrible ugly 0o0

The game is a lot of fun tough characters are incredible watered down...Raven have 130s movements in Tekken 6 and in here he have only 10 xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Also...soo many funny and weird guest characters and the fact that the game comes with a bank......Capcom really wanted to make this a parody of fighing games or was aiming this game to 5-10 years olds...

The game is very fun and love to see this characters together but it dosnt have collectibles/unlockables either.....soo this game is pretty much as empty as Soul Calibur V but uglyer and without customization/character creation <_<

I am not surprised by that but i am deffinetly surprised by how Capcom did such a shoddy job with the visuals. Marvel VS Capcom looks cooler deffinetly and SF IV looks more refined D:

Please Capcom >_< if you make a Darkstalkers, use a good art direction!!!!

I leave the trailers of the game tough because i really love them :D i soo wish the game looked like this (even with the water theme <_<) or Capcom just add this trailers into the game

Monday, March 26, 2012


...person give such strong feelings of happynes? How a total stranger can give soo much to fantasy and can be soo cruel at the same time to stay burned in the dreams and desires?

Its been a few days and i still cant forget >_<

Anyway, last week we had a pretty strong earthquake that leave many buildings damaged and theres many chances that we have another one in the next 20 days. A stronger one and it seems the city is not going to resist

If i dissapeare all of the sudden then you know why xD

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This was a collab that started like a request...a surprise request about Asuras Wrath, done by Karulox

He did the sketch and i add the colors and he helped me a lot in there!!! Drawing water was pretty difficult >_< but Karu gives me a lot of tips and guided me. Wish i could paint like he does it D: i am not entirelly happy with the water but he was very patient with me xDDD

He can be found in Y! Gallery and there he have links to all his other sites :D

Gracias Karu por el dibujo *0*!!

And i just get the platinum trophy of Asura´s Wrath! Yay!!! The game have room for improvement but it was pretty awesome and damn fullfilling. Awesome character design (something new games forget...) and a very fresh and unique gameplay.

I dont know how Capcom publish the game tough and yet it have more important series in they basment, locked in the cell (Drakstalkers, Rival Schools) but i hope they stop doing useless RE games and they do more new series like Asura´s Wrath

1/4 of the game comes as DLC tough....and i doubt we get an Asura´s Wrath 2 ;_; but its a pretty special and neat game if you ever wanted to see a fusion of God of War, Dragon Ball and Gurren Lagan :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Its time for Twilight to fade away into the void of the Barbie direct to DVD movies and such stuff (or soo i wish xDDDD)i was ready to start to HATE vampires as a whole but theres at least some fresh grass on the planes

I sooooooo NNNNEEEDDD to see this movie OMFG!!!!!!!!

Ehem...OK, now to other news. If someone wants to see my new art involving some Final Fantasy, go and visit Dinnosaur´s Prince Kingdom ;D

Friday, March 2, 2012


Yey an update!!!!!

How have you been people? Still missing Y!? Y! had some issues with the rules but it was a pretty neat place and i can say i miss it D: I hope Asiandude and the other staff can fix it ;u;!!!!

Well now i am posting an Asura´s Wrath pic. I loved everything about the game since i see the first trailer years ago D: the character design was just....amazing....i wanted to draw those characters long time ago but now i finally did it...i dont know why >_<

Such a challenge... theres soo much going on in this guys xDDD theyr rocky texture, the golden leafes on his arms, the cracking, the marks, the strange looking abs D: at first it was Asura and his 6 arms but i decided to delete the arms and add Augus!

I am not entirelly happy since now i want to see Asura in a more dynamic pose <_< and i dont like the look of the water buuuuttttt i am happy its over D:!!!!! I soo want to draw this characters again x3!!!

And a couple of days ago i buy the game :D!!! Hope i can play it this weekend x3! a little side note about Soul Calibur V:

I am sorry, i know i am soo sick u_u .....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yep, no new artwork yet...the artwork i am curretnly working is hellish literally xDDD soo i need a few more days. But while its ready, i leave some updates for my character creation in Soul Calibus V

First a little update on Mizuki. I didnt want her to look too outdated, but since shes a japanese Oni, a black kimono was the best way to make her looks elegant and faithful to her original design. Soo far Alex Gates didnt change at all (previus post) hes my most fav design x3

Akuma Otoko.....yes, i am soo good for names >_<...this is my second favorite design!!!! I love everythign on this guy and he uses Mitsurugis style soo hes the character i use the most D:

Zero. I did create this guy in SC III, IV and Broken Destiny. He has been always on my Calibur games xDDD

My werewolf character, Jason!!!!! Since its imposible to give him modern clothing i turn him into a roman soldier xDDD

Jack Rider. Just playing around with designs





Aya Brea from Parasite Eve

Melisa Pearce/Eve from Parasite Eve

Jecht from Final Fantasy X

Kilik...the true Kilik...not the mimic character <_<

Rock from the old Soul Calibur games

Even with all this options i feel the game is falling short in term of items...theres soo many items missing from SC IV...i wasnt able to reproduce any of my designs of IV and Broken Destiny o_o

Then again, SC V feels short in more parts than the creation xD

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I finally played around with the character creation thingy from Soul Calibur V. I have to say, the level of custimization its pretty awesome!!!! Add tattos, paterns, change colors, change size, height, color in the eyes....but i cant seem to find descent clothing >_<

While all the colors and patterns can be changed, the clothing menu is kinda...hard to work xD half the stuff looks generic and boring, the other half looks soo silly. I ant find some good looking shirts...or a vest...not even a good looking coat >_<

I am tempted to leave my characters nude(and not for the eye candy...) or maybe i need to level up to the max to unlock the really awesome items for the game!!!

Here i leave pictures of Alex Gates, who turned out to look quite amazing o_o but the clothes...and also Mizuki Nori, one of his companions (who most of you still dont meet xD)

Once i update this designs or come up with new ones (Jason deffinetly xD), ill post pictures.