Friday, August 21, 2009

Hwang & Yunseong - SOUL CALIBUR III

Hwang and Yunseong doing a training journey into the woods. Yunsong dream come true but now hes not veyr sure if he likes it xD, hes triying his best to not give him to the pain o_o. This is one of the VERY FEW yaoi pairings i support, this two MUST be together =O.....i am going to be really mad at Namco if they pair Hwang with Seung mina and Yunsong with Talim >_>

Life has been REALLY busy and different this last months for me...soo my time in the PC is really erratic (hence i been mass faving some gallerys) but i am triying to come back slowlly >_>

Well, this was originally a animation collab, its a pic from 2008 but i decided to re-color it and fix some mistakes xD I use both cell shading and "painting" styles in this (specially in the shadows) soo this is kinda experimentish. I was originally going to make the Egyptian scenario for the background but i decided to just do a simple landscape...and i end doing lots of small trees D:

The backgroudn take me more time that it needed and i am not sure of it looks good xD soo i keep triying to improve

Now i need to finish Mitsu, Hwang and Rock...and Kilik but otehr pictures are coming forst =O

I want a uke Yunsong soo badly and a seme Hwang to make hi company x3

Friday, August 14, 2009


Yup!!! Guy and gals (and other entitys), pros and no pros, i need opinions xD

this time is not about my technique or anaotmy skillz (wich needs lots of improvement) but about my finished work......

They looks like a "finished artowkr"?
Wath do you think of the borders? they make the character stand our or are they already boring xD?
The backgrounds do theyr job or i need to gives them more time xD?
The lineart with different colors dosnt looks as defined as the black lineart or looks good?
The title and my sign looks good or i shoudl change them =o?

I just want to see opinions about this. I doubt i can be a proffesionl artist (not for now) but i really want to make my pics looks the more professional i can. Thats why i usually stick to the "artwork style" of each series and i put loads of details, from each part on the weapons or designs in the clothes (or even the colors of the skin of the characters)

Also, i been drawing and finishing some artowkrs and i had some problems making the linearts. i cant make a straigth and good line with different shapes (thinck in the midle and slim in the ends), i ened to make each line some times and ise the eraser to make it perfect...soo it take me loads of times.

Then i started to see lots of linearts in ehre and while watching some outstanding close view, theyr linearts are not perfect, they are kinda shacky in some places or doont touch each other (or they are sketchy) but they still looks awesome =O

Soo i feel kinda weird how i am the only one (or one of the few) who makes each line many times until is perfect and spent some hours on it but still i dont fully like the result o_O

Soo should i need to be less obsesive with lineart xD? stop doing it with different thicknes? continue takeing good care of it like untill now??

C´mon, discus! OwO