Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soo maybe some of you notice this....

... or maybe not, but i didnt come here in over a month already xDDD People still remember me? I hope soo soo here i am ending my hiatus

Why did i leave? i was sick, i catch a cold and thanks to the medications i had stomach pains D: and i didnt wanted to come without nothing to show up. Its been two montsh since i dont draw porn OMG i am soo imprese dwith myself o_o also i didnt use cell shading rescently ....soo i been experimenting quite a bit in the art field soo excuse my long silence xD

Last thing someone see form me was this:

Its was for an artbook project!!! This picture is a record for me since i made it in 3 hours OMG o___________o For more info about the book visit THIS PLACE x3

But i am here again, your going to see me commenting on every thing like i used too D: and visiting my communitys more often!!

Soo tell me guys, while i wasnt here wath happened?? Hows life for you?? Something cool to share :3???

I been playing a lot of Assassins Creed Bortherhood latelly, i dont like too much all the "buy the stores soo you can buy form them" thing and the "construct your own Rome but you can customize" thingys but i been having fun with it!