Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[ twisted object of desire ]

Soo...i been away all weekend!!! Sorry about that but in the last days i wasn able to play this game - The 3rd Birthday - and i waited for it like...11 years soo i taked the weekend to explore it deeper (and finished a few more times) I ebeen buy myself a brand new PSP for this game x3!!!!

I cant belive i waited 11 years for this game...i am sure i am not the only one who waited but NO GAME ever is worth such long wait. The first trailer was released in 2007 and we get it in this 2011. Serisully, someone!!!! Capcom, Konami, Nintendo!!! Someone go help SquareEnix fast!!!!! They cant handle games anymore, is taking them FOREVER to finish one simple PSP title (no to mention other stuff like Versus XIII...)

It takes them 4 months to localize this game for the western audience......but anyways, the release date i head to the store to hunt this game and i way "stores" because i travelled all my city in search for this game. I aksed if they had The 3rd Birthday and this are the answers i got:

- The 3rd wath?
- The birthday of who?
- Parasite wath?
- Eve who?
- Oh yhea...the game with the blue plain in the cover :D
- Sorry but we still dont have 3DS games (somehow he tougth this was a 3DS game...)
- Oh yhea, i got it (and he gives me Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.....)
- Oh yess .... they add Lignting and Tifa now (he tougth i was talking of Dissidia...)
- Why do you want to know when is my birthday o-o ?
- Your searching for....a birtdhay present for someone...????
- Sorry but we are going to get it the next weekend along side Stree Figther (somehow they tougth "The 3rd Birthday" was a "3DS")
- Oh the game of Brintany? (????)
- Oh my god!!!! Theres going to be a Parasite Eve 3??!!! OMG!!!!!
- Sorry, we dont have a release date yet
- Hu?...wasnt that game cancelled?

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd i gte bored and tired and finally bougth it online. I get myself The Twisted Edition along side a huge shipping cost but...oh well.....a this weekend i decided to go and search the game again, more than two weeks after the release and i get exactly the same answers.....soo aparently this game is not going to be released in my city or something....i found a guy who get the game when he traveled to California a few days ago...he was the only one with the game and i bougth it again (yhea..i have two copys of the game now xD)

Play this game was....surreal......i must say Square didnt disapoint in the smalles details. The cover of the game is just beautifull and creppy (i was expecting something more hentai), the back of the box, the artbook thingy......the boocklet too and when i watched the opening i almost orgasmed.

Thanks good my had my hopes low

The visuals are amazing, very detailed and colorfull. The game is soo bloody and gory and dark too. This New York city is like a fusion from the PE 1 NY and a Silent Hill. All decayed and degraded and yet you can recognize elements from the human world. Tetsuya Nomura i still an extremelly skilled character design (as long as if hes not drawing in the Shbuyas punk style), characters are "normal looking" and yet very stylish and unique. My fav new design is deffinetly Garbeille Monsigny. Shes beautifull, mature, sweet and badass while being extremelly classy all the time.

Charas have a lot of backround story (mostly text sadly) and that gives them a lot of personality. The cutscenes are epic and are of the same quality of FF XIII, i can see them endlessly!!! The monster design is really impresive too. At first i hated they look in the trailers, but now that i see them closelly, they are very unique. They are not humanoid, no animal either......they are like the monsters from Kingdom Hearts if they existed in ourworld.

They are almost "Lovecraftian", a fusion between KH mosnters and SH monsters, very flashy and weird but still very organic and insectoids......like giant virus? They are hard to explain but have a lot of personality (bosses included)

The music is AMAZING!!!!! I dont know how but i am going to get this soundtrack D: the music is not as memorable as PE 1 track but is deffinetly miles away form the boredom and uglynes of PE 2 music. The cutsceens music is moving, beautifull and magic and the battle music is incredible energetic, a mix of techno and new are music with classical sounds. The credits and main theme almost mad eme cry D:

The gameplay dosnt lets you get involved in the game too much...onlike PE 1 and 2, you cant explore the enviroment, theres no puzzles or keys or closed doors. You cant "collect" ammo and theres not items of any kind actually. All you can use here are 4 weapons: the handgun, a randm weapon and two weapons of your choice, and you need to advance from 1 room to the next in a straigth line, just like RE 4 and 5. All excitment comes in the skill of "poses" soldiers in the battlefield and jump form one body to the next while keeping the guys alive since they are your "meat shields"

The gameplay is exciting!!!! Very basic, yhea...inferior to the PE 1 mechanics but still, this is a PSP game designed to be played fast soo i guess its OK? Its fun deffinetly and in a world where "things" like RE The Mercenarys 3D exist, this game fits perfectly

No RPG elements this time, no Parasite Energy either, just a Liberation mode and the excitment of move along side your troops. Wich are actually...quite idiotic....if you dont "dive" into them and put them in a safe spot, they can stay therein the midle of the room getting raped by monsters >_>

The Twisted are literally, demi-gods......thye are SUPER STRONG and have an insane amount of health. You can figth for like...15 minuts against one small enemy D:, and in he other hand, the monsters can obliterate you with one or two hits. The shot missils, they make "instant kill" movements.....and sometimes they need to be defeated with only one weapon or one of Aya´s skills. If you dotn do it, they simply dont die and the game never tolds you wich skill or weapon you need to use >_< of wich solder have the rigth weapon. Theres moments when you need to figth against 4 or 6 waves of 5 monsters each. Is in here where the gameplay or camera gets in the way but is really exciting

Bosses are Gods...they can play with the whole existance of the universe and shot at you from 6 different points, being invicible or even come back to life over and over again...defeat them with only a couple of granades and a handgun is really tricky. To mak things better, in some points of the game you can ride vehicles!!! This keeps things fresh and play with a helicopter while fliying over Manhattan while killing monsters is like a dream come true for PE 1 fans!!!! My favorite boss battle is of course....the fliying one from the tower ;D

On another note, this game oozes sexuality......i didnt wanted to belive it but it really does. Aya´s clothes are ripped by enemys everytime shes hurt, all enemys have tentacles and always trys to get her and they also release some kind of withe...milky substance soo you have Aya runing around half naked and and half "bukaked" by the Twisted

The extra outfits are incredible ridiculous. Maid (i HATE maides), Playboy bunny, sexy secretary, worich Santa girl......and if you play the game 50 times, you can unlock a special cutscene of Aya taking a showr and touching herself.....now i cant see how Square think someones hornynes can last THAT long. I can see lots of young and old guys - Kunihiko Maeda´s real life counterparts - enjoying this eye candy to no end....even when Aya check and object, she moans in a very irritating "loli" way. Aya has been always the main eye candy of PE but this time shes almost slaping her naked ass to us trougth the PSP screen. I guess Square didnt trus them agme would not sell without all this?

While the game excedes the awesomnes in everything (even fanservice) where it sinks is, tragically, the storyline...

Aya Brea have now amnesia, she dosnt remember who she is or how to act. Shes not kickass or mature, shes weak, sad, depresed and extremelly scared....shes submisive and confused and now shes a time traveler!!!! The government make her travel in time with a machine they design (lolololololololol), she needs to go back to the past soo she can change the present and make the Twisted disapeare from the earth

I tried to ignore this part of the game from 2007 to present day, but i cant no longer do it!!!! The game begins 3 years after the events start...soo all characetrs knows each other and LOADS of major events already taked place. Half of the cast is dead WTf!!!! Then, everytime you finish a stage, Aya is transported back to present, to moments before she travels to the past. Soo you get the same cutscenes and events but this time with some weird changes.....characters who where dead, now they are alive!!! Characters who where alive now they are dead....monsters who where present, no longer exist, people who used to be your enemy is your friend now, weapons changed, time line change, sex change...and no one notice this but Aya!!!!

Important characters appeares as shadows and character who dosnt have anything to do with the story, appeare a lot!!!! You keep visiting the past over and over again and once you come back, you are back to a new timeline with lots of changes and characters from all timelines keep jumping around between story as well.....Gabrielle Monsigny is dead at the begining of the game!!!! You see a cutscene when Aya "remembers" her death. But when you finish that stage, shes perfectly fine and live like if nothing happends o_o....then you go back to the past and meet her "past version" and helps her...then your dragged to present and Gabrielle turns into a monster.

You kill her and then her "alternative" version from the other timeline dissapeare. Seriuslly, she died 3 times and keeps coming >_> this happends with all the characters.....Eve and Kyle are nothing but "shadows of the posibilitys of they existance " (this is theyr official description)

The storyline is WWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRROOONNNNNNNNNNNG in countless ways. Later on all the buddys of Aya are killed and - thanks god and all the heavens - the time machine is destroyed by kyle (OMG hes my favorite character!!!) and the game starts to get interesting...then in the final stage the game finally explains a couple of things.

The wedding part was the most exciting, and sadly is just on the ending of the game. The ending is deffinetly very dramatic, incredible shocking and extremelly sad......i wish the rest of the game was this good tougth. The story is almost "Kafkaesque" and dive into things like wath is life, wath is destiny, the flow of time and how we shape our own personality...it depends a lot of the soul too and loads of metaphysical stuff

The monsters are actually created form the shattered parts of "someones"soul while the High Ones "or bosses" are made from an empty body with no soul.....

yes.....this is Kingdom Hearts with a lot of blood and gore....and just like theres many versions of Sora (Roxas) and many worlds and alnternative realitys, nobodys and heartless, the same elements and ideas are here. No biolody, no science, no horror or realism. PE never was soo "final fantasy" before

The best way to explain this in a visual way is this:

This is Parasite Eve:

This is The 3rd Birthday:

The story reminds me a lot Insception, Silent Hill Shattered Memories or Rule of Rose (i dont know how many people played this one besides me xD) but......maybe the story is good...but does it fit PE? Nope, and it was very ambitious, Square didnt had any idea how to handle it. Play this game is like have a dream...lots of weird thing and unexplained stuff is hapening all around you, you know is bizarre but all people around acts like if theres nothing wrong...you have fear that something went wrong at any time and your going to awake empty handed. No wonder why "Aya" is soo insecure and confused

This is trully a "mutant" in al sence of the word, and oddity of a game. The ripped clothes and time travels are soo amusing, but the game is way too dramatic to be a parody. The game is very gory and dark but the sillines of the timelines and the fanservis keeps it away form the horror genre. The game is literally levitating in limbo, far away of one genre and far away from the other and also far away from being a good game but far away from being a bad game.

I enjoyed the game a lot....i liked a lot to see Maeda´s creppynes, i liked Eve´s whorines, i LOVED to see Kyle and finally hear Aya and see hor kickass and badass she really iss no matter wath. The music was such a huge joy as well and Square had the good taste to remove the "parasite eve" title and name this game different. This is not Parasite Eve by any means. Maybe thats why i am not in a fury rage xD .....i wish Capcom did the same with RE 4-5 and re-name those games differently. They are pretty much The 3rd Birthday but with no time travels.....

Anyway, just wanted to rant about this game since it has been one of my most hyped games ever xD i was excited about it even if i was sure the game was not going to work without Hironobu Sakaguchi

From now on, SquareEnix is the best toy maked company out there!!!!! But is no longer a game company. I cant feel hyped for any of its games anymore (not even Versus XIII). I will follow theyr talent and stick with they toy section now.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel soo hysterical excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG random post but i was soo really hungry of some Tekken news and now this comes out xD but why Kazuya is melting away D:!!!!!!!!!??????????????

The character rooster is very primitive...this game is soo far away but i am soo excited about it already x3!!!! I hope they add.....my "favorite" characters ;D but i am veyr happy if Kaz and King are alreay there *0*

Makes me want to play SF IV again somehow >_>

I dunno wath to think about it....i hate the looks of the gameplay and i hate the ugly character design but i love the old school cameos (Mr.X, Hunters, The Raccon Police Dappartment...), i think i reach a state where i cant be excited about RE anymore o-o

But they are going to let me kill Leon, soo i am already sold >_>

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh yeeesssssssss its been years since i feel it, to be an otaku again and love anime like i used too!!!!!

I am soo watching THIS A NIME!!!!!! Go Nagai °3°.....

Saturday, April 2, 2011


...and the birth of a new dream, a new one inside the shadows, a new life in exchange of a decadent life, in exhange of a empty life.

It is no secret i liked a lot the last game of Castlevania - Lords of Shadow. Many people hated it with the excuse to be a God of War clone while in fact, many of God of War mechanics where inspired by Castlevania Lament of Innocence.

Many people hated it because it didnt had RPG elements, direct links to the other Castlevanias or beautifull and androgynus vampires. Thats all true actually.

Gladlly i am in the oposite side of things xD i never like when a Japanese game gets "westernizzzzzed" but this time around Castlevania shined with its own vision, much more close to the original Castlevania games from the Nes era than the Symphony of the Night

Remeimbering all the games i played last year, FF XII, GoW III, Dantes Inferno, Dead Rising 2, etc....i think the most satisfiying for me was this Lords of Shadow one: It had some brillant character design - a much more creppy and repulsive view of all the characters, it ahd a very nice story with loads of plot twists, the Belmont hero was back with his sub-weapons and his Vampire Killer - no unrelated people this time. Magnificent graphics, a HUGE world full of rich scenarios and different cratures (a whole leoad of creatures) and an exciting and seductive soundtrack made me love the game more and more, and now it has expanded.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow REVERIE is out and it didnt disapointed me xD

They manage to add a whole lot of stuff in this DLC, big areas never before seen and a whole new story, kind of like a sequel of the original game. The cutscenes are now "animated comics". This ahd me worryed tougth, the cutscene sof Lords of Shadow are soo impresive...but the art sued in this comic cut scenes is soo amazing and inspiring o_o!!!!! The whole thing is amazingly hard!!!!! I have my Gabriel maxed out and yet i was always runing out of healt and items.

They added a sea of puzzles, literally. Now day games dosnt have puzzles at all...RE lost all the puzzles in RE 4 and all games seems to follow this same style, even Silent Hill!!!! SH Shattered Memories had the most idiotic excuses for puzzles. Reverie have a HUGE amoutn of this puzzles, riddles that makes you brake your brains and the most difficult challenges of the whole game >_<

Even with all this, tehres a new playable character, this ime you control a vampire with a whole new gameplay system, you can drink the blood of the enemys and get healt, blast them with thunders and turns into myst and vanish or even cross gates and enter into hiden places o____________o

This new gameplay system could be a blast for a new game!!!! And it seems they are going to use it for the next chapter of Castlevania - Resurrection -

W00t i am soo excited about this game all over again even after playing it soo many times D: but i cant help it, after seen Garbriels new rebirth