Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yay for exciting titles!!!!!

Anyways, waths up with this update? Nothing new really, but i was looking at my old entrys and i notice something.....i usually post high resolution version of my art, why? Because i want all details stand out and i want the best quality possible in both lineart and color. But looking at my old entrys, most of my arts have been resized and also the colors are all messed up (specially reds).......

Soo i make this post to add a high resolution version of my arts, like a collection of some sort xD. Not all my arts are here, only the ones who suffered this quality drop thanks to blogger image system. First i post the collabs of course:

Thanks to the wonderfull artists who let me use theyr awesome lineart *0*!!!!!

Now my OC:

Now my arts. This part is really....hu...anoying xD? i find some mistakes on this arts already and i want to fix them, plus the older pictures are just soo full of wrongnes xDDDDD But i´ll just ignore that and post them anyway:

This entry can be easily ignored i know xD but i´ll update with something new soon

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[ kyle madigan] The 3rd Birthday

I am soo HYPED for The 3rd Birthday!!! OMG!!!!! I been waiting a new Parasite Eve game since 2000 D:!!!! I never expect people to even remember this games since are soo obscure, but now the games are even released on PS 3 and PSP in the PS store and they are remaking the soundtracks....and this 3rd Birthday sequel w000ttt!!!!

I always liked Kyle Madina since PE 2, he was quite hunky but he was....hu....very pixelated and didnt even ahd a voice xD now in this 3rd game in the PSP hes soo...."defined" o_o

It first i was going to draw him being raped by tentacles xD but thats soo predictable......also, most of the games appeal revolves around how Aya Brea lose some parts of her outfits when shes hit by a monster, thus once you finish the game she sonly covered by a couple of rags.

Soo why not use this same system with Aya´s husband xD? And this is the result

Theres not a lot of context here aside of the porn, i still dont know if hes really the antagonist of the game o_o soo i struggled a little bit with the background. I finally chose the New York being destroyed by Babel soo theres not a lot new to look at xDDDD (Yes, i am drawing porn of character who´s game still dosnt exist o_________o!!!!)

And i am soo angry at Square D:!!!! This games as well as the first PE are Christmas themed...the scenario is New York at Christmas and the games i coming out in the 22/12 of this year in Japan...here we need to wait 5 more months >_______________< I WANT MY PARASITE EVE 3 NNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW o0o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *RAGERAGERAGERAGERAGERAGE*

Best opening ever *_*:

Best edning theme ever *_*:

Well, i´ll be back later to to check ll your blog pals x)!!!!!

EDIT: I edited his penis!!!! Looked like ti was in the wrong palce but while checking the photoshop file with no clothes, it was in the rigth place!!!! The udnerwear made the illusion it was missplaced soo i fixed it a little bit xD

Monday, November 22, 2010


..... i post my next picture and someone jumps and says "Oh its Naruto :D" or " Oh Sora ^^".......................

Well, i am not gonna be angry but really sad cus that means i failed portraying the character >_>

Anyway, just to say i am going to post a couple of works soon and a collab as well and i want to rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doign a background!!!! Serisully, i want to travel in time a few hours in the future to have the background finished D:!!!! I been drawing rocks for quite some time and it feels like i bene doing it for hours >________________<

Backgrounds......are mostly ignored but if they are not present, you notice the "void" or "emptynes" >_< why they are soo boring too do and soo har and yet soo nedeed ;o;!!!!!!!!

To all you good people and people who do comics, how do you do it ;0;!!!!!???????

Also another thing i want to talk about. When i color i usually add.....many shadows, shades and colors in between soo i usually have 5-7 versions on of one single color on a picture o_o this can be seen better in this example:

Dosnt looks too busy? For my next picture i am taking it more simple, adding only a shadow and a shade without anything in between xD i dunn but....looks more clean to me. I dont want to have a quality droop o_o soo all the trades and requests are going to have crazy amount of colors xD soo i am going to use the more simplistic look in art for me. Wath do you guys think o_o???