Friday, November 7, 2008

Dante´s tits and high heels

Just yerterday i dowloaded a trailer for a new Seg game called Bayonetta (most disturbing name evar)

The game itself is soo weir that i want to see your opinions xD. Its about a powefull witch who needs to defeat the angels who are causing destruction in the world. The problem is that the with (Bayonetta) have the same personality of Dante from devil May Cry.....and the same style....and she use two pistols to figth and she figth agaisnt angels (in DMC with demons), the engin looks like the same of DMC, the gameplay is also the same o_o......

The originality of this game is that her dress is made by her hair, soo wen she figths and use her hair to cast spells, she ends nude.......

At first the character design looks really crazy and gothic, really interesting, but the fact that is a "copy and past" of Devil May Cry makes me lol soo hard xDDDD. Also the idea of a female badass girl is great but i think this girl is too feels like you can play with a magical streeper with guns on her high heels. Wen she was figthing i was expecting her to apeare topless in front of a monster nd shoot laser beams from her niples and say something like "don't you think I have killer tits?".........

OK, i want opinions!

For me the game looks kinda interesting but looks soo unoriginal and whorish that it looks more like a joke xD

Bayonetta teaser

New trailer

Theres even a female blonde Virgil xD