Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey there!!!!

I finish this pic a few weeks ago, but i wanted to post it with all my other Tekken artworks but my other pics needs to wait a little longer, since i am finishing much more important pics for now and i didnt wanted to leave this one collecting dust around my folders....also i am start to not liking this pic too much, soo before i start hate it, here it is!!!

I really love Chris Redfield, hes awesome, but serisully, WHERE IS THE MIGUEL ART??!!!! Hes just soo perfect in Tekken 6!!! He must be the next Chris Redfield from the yaoi bara world >_>!! Soo i demand you guys to draw him o0o^!!!!!!!!!!!

Just if you draw him , please make him nude o_o, i wish i draw him nude <_<.....i was brave enough (stupid enough)to draw all the design on his pants and boots and belt thingy by hand...and color them o_O, seriuslly i spent A LOT more time drawing the pants than the actual character or the background o___________________o

Oh also, please dont look at the background, its really horrible D=

Soo yhea...i demand more Miguel art o0o!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Oh!! my fingers are in such pain...i been playign Tekken a lot and drawing and the works seems to keep growing aroiund me xD

This is just a little preview of some of my pics. This are aprt of the sketch, not the lineart and some of them can be changed (or never see the daylight o_o)

Soo yhea, its just a little something to see if people can notice who are this guys xDDD theres no prize, just the fun to try to figure them out xD

Some are kinda obious :B

Monday, November 2, 2009

TEKKEN 6!!!!!!!!!


Now i am goign to ignore the real world and play Tekken until i am sick of it Dx

Lol, joke.......or is it o_o?

Hey Tekken 6 is here!! I cant belive after the loooong 4 years wait the new Tekken is here!!!! This series has been soo awesome for me and it was my favorite fight franchise for soo many years (but now Soul Calibur wants to beat it) and it was Tekken 3 the one that make me a fight game fan!!!!

This Tekken 6 its soo weird...its awesome but have some flaws: The costumization its sooo limited, just like in tekken 5 they give you a limited amount of items and many colors of each one but each color cost lotsa money!! You can see the characters nude or create fighters like Soul Calibur IV ;^;

Also, the graphics.....looks good in motion but once they stop to move they looks cartoony....comapred to Soul Calibur IV they looks really inferior (or maybe SC IV was ahead of its time?), the game looks more like Tekken 5 in High Definition and since all the characters are using the same clothes from Tekken 5 it feels soo much like deja vu.

The game still have some impresive visuals, and judge it by the grapics would be shallow, the gameplay its soo swet and the whole style and character design (Howarang here looks soo incredible and unbelivable sexy and rapable D8)!!!!

The game is not as impresive or effective as the last Tekkens but still its one awesome action packed and deep fight game!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


OMG i am soo adicted to this game xDDDD

My main characters are Jecht, Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness!!!! And my seconds are Kuja, Terra and Kefka....but i think Terra is really overpowered, she can counter pretty much any other character o_o

I just hate that......this game have a total lose of balance. Exdeath its like....part of the forniture, he barelly moves.....and Sephiroth is soo strong!!! Really, he can fart and make a nuclear explosion.....

This are some more fights i had on my PSP xD

Thursday, October 22, 2009


....yhea.....i really hate numeric evaluations, but this game REALLY pull off a perfect 10

I just finished UNCHARTED 2 AMONG THIEVES a few moments ago and i am incredibly shocked. Soo here are the bad points i find:

x- The final boss wa skinda lame xD

Here are the good points of this game:

o- It have a really smart story full of plot twists and real history misterys
o- It have such realistic and yet charming and original big cast of characters with AWESOME voice acting
o- The graphcis are incredible from the menu to the credits
o- The game is a lot longer than the first one
o- Theres lots and lots of extras to unlock
o- It have such a simplistic and yet FUN online multiplayer mode
o- It lets you record and manipulate the characetr mdoesl and scenarios and cameras, soo you can create your own cinematics
o- The scenarios are HUGE and theres lots and lots of exploration
o- It have incredible plataforms scenarios
o- It have lots of rescue missions of all kind
o- It have way more puzzles than the first one
o- It have a really cool and easy to use combat system
o- It have AMAZING action!!!
o- It have lots of stealth missions
o- The game change each second and surprise you with each step
o- Theres a big amount of different palces to visit

Seriuslly i am amazed how this game its a "new franchise" and still not very popular while other games that dosnt reach this level of interactivity and detail are more hyped, like RE, SF or MGS

Because yhea.......this game is a lot better than Metal Gear Solid4 o_______O

OMFG i cant belive i write that D8...but yhea, it really is
I am worryed because after playing UNCHARTED 2 i am going to see all new games like "boring" games o-o

Friday, October 9, 2009


AGE: Unknown. Looks like hes on his 25s-30s
HEIGHT: 185 Cm
BLOOD TYPE: Dosnt have one
SPECIES: Nosferatu
FAMILLY: All dead
ORIGIN: Europe
POWERS: Strong physicall powers. Almost immortal. Hypnosis. He can manipulate the weather to certain point
WEAKNES: In day time hes as weak as a normal human. Theres some ways to kill him but only he knows them
SHAPE: He can take the shape of a canine (not a dog or a wolf), he can be mist, rats and also can take the form of a demonic - shadow creature
JOB: Many.
LIKES: He likes to read and all kind of art. Travel around the world. He likes rock and instrumental music from all over the world (his favoruite song is Season Call from Hyde). "Play" with the human life and find something "new". All kind of physical works. Rememeber his past
DISLIKES: Booredoom. Recklessness. The noise of the city
FEARS: Insects. The tattoos on his own body. Remember his past

Alexander Gates - also called Alex or Gates - its a Nosferato, a vampire. He can move in day time (but hes really weak)and many vampiric superstitions (like garlic and the symbol or a cross) dosnt works with him. Hes is basically a undead and if he dosnt feed with blood twice every week, his body starts to decay (he looks more like a healty human thanks to the human hunts he make each night). This of course cant kill him, theres some ways to kill the likes of him but only he knows how to do it.

He can change his shape into mist, into a shadow, he can turn into many rats or be a canine creature (not a dog or a wolf) and also he can change into a vamppire creature - more similar to a demon - who can melt with shadows. Its very RARE to se ehim using this form and most of his friends never saw them or arent sure of how is this shapeless winged creature.

Gates have many powers, but not because of his condition, but because he has been "living" for a loooong time and he learn how to use them. As someone who read for more than a century, hes well educated and knows English, Spanish, Italian, French, Rumanian and Chinese. In the long years he has been traveling, he tried all kind of jobs - out of fun of course - and this gives him a lot of experience but he has been always a warrior, since he was a human, a guardian, and a soldier later on on many of his lifes. He was a soldier in the 2nd World War (His dog tags come from that period of his existence) and its on this period where the memorys start to fade away.

The memorys of the begining of the 20th century are now a shadow of a forgotten dream on his head. He can remember little and senseless events of his pre 1900s days but he already dosnt remember who wa shim originally, who was his familly, from where he come from, wath are the tattoos he have or why hes a Nosferatu.

For many years he has been triying to find out who he is and why he cant remember. Is this the limit of his brain or theres something else? As a vampire hes almost immortal and this leads him to a strong boringnes. He alredy traveled around all the world, he see every place, he experienced everything and while the world is constatlly changing (he loves that) theres periods where hes terrible bored and since death cant affect him, his existance turns meaningless. In this periods he usually likes to "play" with humans and becomes theyr nightmares. Creating illusions, controling theyr minds or just spreading the terror and death among some regions or towns he comes to anallize the human mind - full of flaws and soo fragil - and how it moves enterily by the feeling called "fear"

Normally hes a peacefull guy with a strong and protective personality. Hes very reliable thanks to his experience and knowledge and also acts kinday silly now and then, triying to be heroic but he can act better the villian role. Hes very seductive too and savage onces hes extremelly hungry. He loves all kind of physicall work thanks to the warrior / military tradition of his existance.

Hes very good friend of the young Jason Blake, a wereworlf he adopts as his pet, but since werewolfs and vampires are soo related, Gates and Blake have a strong "species bond". Jason is at times Alex bes friend and at times his just another of his toys, but the young wolf is deffinetly his link to the human world and his way to "re-discover" nthe world form the eyes of a young one.

His other friend is Mizuki Nori, a young girl he saved in Hong Kong some time ago. This girls wasnt a human at all, shes a Youkai form Japan but somehow....Gates felt something strong for her. Not love of course, but an unknown link, like if she was an old friend or a sister he lost.

This guy is my firs original character, OMG D=!!!!!

It took me quite some tim build this image but it was a lot of fun (specially on his hair!!!), i am still unsure about the lineart....and of cours ei dont like the background at all >_> but anyways.....

This guy was originally called Dante, but since DMC 1 arrives, i had to change his name for something less Capcomish (yes, this guy has been around my head since than long xD) he also used his own blood to kill otehr vampires but then the anime Bloos+ born a few years ago...... soo this guy has been having a lot of shapes xD

I am going to really apreciate comments about him since is the first character i design (and i show). His "monster form" is fully designed with colors and details, but i decided to put him in blacknes. like a shadow- because i dont want to show him yet Dx!!!

I honestly love vampire,s but i am soo SICK to see that all the vampires are sickly and delicate pale young guy fan of the hard metal music or the elegance. Seruslly, why all the vampires are rich? Why they are all beautifull and almost she-males? And why they are always emos like "Oh god, i am a vampire!! I dont want to kill!! I hate myself because i love a human D:"??

Soo i basically try to go against everything in the modern vamprie formula and pick the "Nosferatu race". Nosferatus are living dead, more like zombies. Theyr state its a terrible curse and dont provide any beauty. They are mor elinked to theyr beats nature than theyr human side. The cross, garlics and the sun light cant kill them (Dracula was the only one weak to those) and theyr are very RARE (yes, theres no vampire socieitis or a war against the werewolfs Dx)

This is the main character of my story, a story without aname yet....but i already have fully designed the other 2 main character - Jason Blake and Mizuki Nori as well as many of the villians lol!!!!

And sinc ei know all of you are driven by your sexual desires, i had to do this D=!!!!

I actually think i like more the ndue version than the clothed one =O (not thanks of the nudeness of course xD)

Long time ago Alex Gates adopted Jason as his pet but in ffact they are really good friends, is just that Gates likes to call Jason that way or sometimes se ehim as a kid. He also feeds on him now and then (but he cant take too much blod, since vampries and wolfs are related, its canibalism >_>) but since Gates is bisexual and he lieks to "play around" with his food, Jason end raped by him and sicne then he has been Alex sex toy <_<

Anyways, thats a story for anotehr day o-o>

*falls a sleep in the leyboard*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I need to wathc this anime NNNNAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

And draw naughty man sex about it!!!!!!!!! Dx

Sunday, October 4, 2009


My main is Jecht in Dissidia but i LOVE Ultimecia and Cloud of Darknes, both remidns me Eve and Eve on her final form from Parasite EVE and thats makes me soo happy x3

I like a lot Ultimecias fight style. I love kick the buts of the bishis with her >=9!!! Any tips to learn to play better with her or Jecht D=? My Ultimecia is level 15 and me Jecht level 55

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello my friends x3

This entry is just to ask some little help. I been working in this pic and i get manage to draw the eyes, face and mouth rigth with the point of view and proportion but i have some problems with the nose xD

I think this is more to ask opinions about it, do it looks right? I am sure is going to looks better with the shadows and shades but i dont want to go in the wrong direction and add the color.

Soo wath do you think? Biger? Smaller? i dont draw too much this point of view xD

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tokyo Game Show is taking place rigth now =D (i think)...... in Tokyo of course D: *ahem*

Anyways, for all of you who already are sick of RE 5 and spend ours playing it and ulocking are some news, Capcom is making a remake of RE 5 soo we need to unlock everything again Dx. But this time the game have an extra chapter that take place before RE 5. It shows an adventure with Chris and Jill in the mansion of Oswald E. Spencer.

This means the game is back to the old mansions! with puzzles and scary music again =D!!!! Also Jill is back as a playable character!!!! (and we are going to see how she die xD) The game is adding the same controls of the RE 4 Wii Edition but with the PS 3 Motion Controler that looks like a futuristic dildo with light ......

But i am a lot mroe excited for the new Metal Gear game, METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER in the PSP. Theres already a demo on IGN, while its on japanese, one can have a good look at the incredible graphics and the gameplay changes. The button configuration is bizzare but it can be changed and theres some really dull gameplay issues (invicible walls, no radar, no crawling, weird item selection) and i hope they fix them.

All the cutscenes are art of Ashley Wood and the story is more focused on MGS 3 this time. It seems theres many important secrets behind The Boss and how Snake was cloned. I didnt expect too much of the story since all the misterys are revealed in MSG 4, but Kojima is adding many characters that looks out of place; like a entity with the disturbing name of Strangelove who clams to love The Boss (i dunno if this character is a manly woman or a girly boy xD), theres a girl who had a very important part in the story who is based on the old shojo manga style and looks out of place, but shes stuningly beaitfull!!! They also add a young Master Miller and a Metal Gear called Peace Walker developed in Costa Rica with the porpuse to show to the world theyr power.

Snake is the same of MGS 3, but he have more rougth and mature face features and hes more hairy!!! he come swith different outfits, a ugly armored suit too (and amazingly his bulge looks really clear under the metalic armour o___________________o) and he can be played shirtles too

OMG they give him such a neat texture on his shirtles mode, he looks soo real and rapable D: OMG i wish they use THIS snake in MGS 4 instead of the Old Snake >_>

I am soo escited about MGS again........the last time i fele soo excited about it was in the 2007!!!!! While MGS 4 was great, it really was depresing and not my favorite xD and i really tougth i would not see anymore MGS news for a good amount of time, but now with this new game so similar to MGS 3 i am soo hyped x3

Maybe see soo many Snakes runign around and sweezing in a small carboardbox have something to do with this

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hey! Here reporting that i am still alive xDDDD and catching all the updates around!!!!

I make this journal because i am fascinated with one little book xD, i buy SF 20: THE ART OF STREET FIGHTER a few days ago and as i say: i am fascinated with it xD

The books is HUGE and comes with all the art about SF from Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Shinkiro, Ikeno, Dai-chan, Shoei, Sensei, Shima Maeda, Harumaru, Oji, Falcon, Nona, Takuji Kawano and many many other Capcom artists from the last 20 years (SF IV inclused) The amount of images is brutal; theres concept sketchs, covers for games and magazines, character profiles, screen selection and endings art and exclusive art too.

I love Capcom art, its soo unique and awesome, soo nostalgic at times with the SF II art and soo stylish with Kinu Nishimuras sketchs and directions of every inch of every character for the SF II Movie. The artists make comments about most of theyr works and they explain how they come out with each idea, wath material they use or if theres some kind of special detail about it.

The Edayan section was specially interesting for me, sinces hes my favorite Capcom artists and his pictures are such source of inspiration. But while other artists give comments of theyr style, technique or use of certain art, Edayan commenst are always like ""This picture was extra hard because my planing was soo poor","i started to use the same material of CRMK art hoping that would help me get closer to his style", "i was always sad to see certain fakeness surrounded my work", "since i had never received any formal schooling in art i faced a lot of challenges after joining Capcom", "seeing my images makes me a little sad, there just soo lifeless", "everall i think their poses are soo stiff"........... all the time i read him i was like "wh...wut...waht? o__o.....why D=??? >_>"

The book comes with many well known images, very nostalgic from the SF II-III era but it comes with many obscure and unused illustrations as well as little images for pincs, fan club newsletters, postals, telephone cards and that kind of stuff. I specially like this chibis; Chun-li scares me xD but Poison is cool and the Sagat huging Ryu is soo incredible cute *^*

Also i loved this one. Morrigan cant stop her seduction not even in the train xDDD, Rolento is hiting on Jill Valentine, Sakura is all happy because shes being squeezed in Ryus body, Hayato and Jin Saotome are having a "Close encounter" xDDDD and Ken is abusing sexually of Zangief..................ಠ_ಠ

As a gamer, this books is priceless and a tribute to Capcom art on its best form. From a yaoi point of view, each page have muscly Ryu, Guile, Ken and many other characters in action poses or shirtless.....soo that says everything xD. In an artistic point of view see this pictures in high resolution and read how they where made, wath materials they used and wath inspired the artists to make them is incredible enlightning and amazing!!! This books is really worth looking (the USA version...or the Japanese version if you read japanese xD)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a gift art for my friend YELMO at the Y!

Its the new Pirnce D:!!!!! And hes looking for his donkey entity.....of course, he thinks hes alone. He needs to cover up a little since Elika and her father are runing around close o_o

This time i make both the lineart and colors a bit different xD. Since the game have a cell-shading style i try to translate it here. Instead of draw a lineart with different sizes, i only use two, a thin one for the details and a strong one for the outside line, to make him stand out and looks cartoonish xD

Also instead of using different colors for the different shadows, i only use a layer with pure black shadows and i change the opacity at the end to make it transparwent, that way the shadow can looks more intrusive and more similar to the game.

The most anoying thing in here was the design, serisully......his "gauntlet" thingy and his....belt (?) have such intrincate designs....i do my best to reproduce them but they are not accurate u_u

Anyways, i try my best on those details and in the whole pic, i am open to comments and hope you ejoy x3

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hwang & Yunseong - SOUL CALIBUR III

Hwang and Yunseong doing a training journey into the woods. Yunsong dream come true but now hes not veyr sure if he likes it xD, hes triying his best to not give him to the pain o_o. This is one of the VERY FEW yaoi pairings i support, this two MUST be together =O.....i am going to be really mad at Namco if they pair Hwang with Seung mina and Yunsong with Talim >_>

Life has been REALLY busy and different this last months for me...soo my time in the PC is really erratic (hence i been mass faving some gallerys) but i am triying to come back slowlly >_>

Well, this was originally a animation collab, its a pic from 2008 but i decided to re-color it and fix some mistakes xD I use both cell shading and "painting" styles in this (specially in the shadows) soo this is kinda experimentish. I was originally going to make the Egyptian scenario for the background but i decided to just do a simple landscape...and i end doing lots of small trees D:

The backgroudn take me more time that it needed and i am not sure of it looks good xD soo i keep triying to improve

Now i need to finish Mitsu, Hwang and Rock...and Kilik but otehr pictures are coming forst =O

I want a uke Yunsong soo badly and a seme Hwang to make hi company x3

Friday, August 14, 2009


Yup!!! Guy and gals (and other entitys), pros and no pros, i need opinions xD

this time is not about my technique or anaotmy skillz (wich needs lots of improvement) but about my finished work......

They looks like a "finished artowkr"?
Wath do you think of the borders? they make the character stand our or are they already boring xD?
The backgrounds do theyr job or i need to gives them more time xD?
The lineart with different colors dosnt looks as defined as the black lineart or looks good?
The title and my sign looks good or i shoudl change them =o?

I just want to see opinions about this. I doubt i can be a proffesionl artist (not for now) but i really want to make my pics looks the more professional i can. Thats why i usually stick to the "artwork style" of each series and i put loads of details, from each part on the weapons or designs in the clothes (or even the colors of the skin of the characters)

Also, i been drawing and finishing some artowkrs and i had some problems making the linearts. i cant make a straigth and good line with different shapes (thinck in the midle and slim in the ends), i ened to make each line some times and ise the eraser to make it perfect...soo it take me loads of times.

Then i started to see lots of linearts in ehre and while watching some outstanding close view, theyr linearts are not perfect, they are kinda shacky in some places or doont touch each other (or they are sketchy) but they still looks awesome =O

Soo i feel kinda weird how i am the only one (or one of the few) who makes each line many times until is perfect and spent some hours on it but still i dont fully like the result o_O

Soo should i need to be less obsesive with lineart xD? stop doing it with different thicknes? continue takeing good care of it like untill now??

C´mon, discus! OwO

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yep, ill be uploading old art (yaoi) in ehre cus...well, some of them are really good (like the Kaze pic and the Jin saotome)

The first pic is SOL BADGUY from Guilty too much to say about this, it was my first yaoi in years and actually i dont like it anymore xD

The second pic is DINGO EGRET from Anubis Zone of the Enders. This one....well, i luuuuuuv Dinbgo *^* but i think i could do a better pic fro him x3

The third image is a request from Kaze Kanzaki. Now somehow i still like the pic, the pose and all the details xDDDD it was kinda hard but i think i do a good job *_*

The foruth pic is JIN SAOTOME from Cyberbots. It was a gift art for Blodiax123 and my frist of many Jins. I really put my soul on that pic, soo i love it =3

Then it comes another Jin xD.....this time hes attacking Blodiax123 in person!!!! Again, this pic was made with a different technique to colour and it took me many many hours, but i dont use any refference of any kind and i am extremelly proud of that pic, its one of my biggest and more detailed Dx

The.....another gift for BlodiaX123 -_-....its Hwang from Soul was a fast pic and i made it at 6 am o-----------o

And finally, two exclusive variants xDDDDDD. One is BILLY COEN from RE 0, the first pic i submit in this palce, but this variant have the tatto at the other side and dosnt have shirtt xD. The other one is my Yunseong picture but with shaved pubes...again, for Blodiax123......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Holy crap in a stick!!! An update!!! Yhea for such a long time i finally draw again!!!!

The sentimental chaos is still runing around but i had to draw him!!! Hes just soo hawt!!!!!! And....well, this take me along time, here is the question, should i make less detailed pics? soo i can make more in less time......hope read your comments x3

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So yhea...basically RE 5 is out. Ill be reciving my copy the next week soo i only played the demo. I am actually nervious....Capcom gives us the 2 worst RE games in the last years.

RE 4 had a neat character design and good graphics. I been fooling around with all the RE games in the last weeks and i can see how RE started to feel boring...RE 0 was great but yet it was kinda repetitive. The saga needed a evolution and fast and RE 4 bring a good evolution in gameplay. While Leon still moves like a tank, the camera and shoot mechanics are really fresh and can deliver ome fun moments. Sadly, everything else was incredible mediocre at best.

The music was the most generic and less memorable of all the RE games. The first third part of the game, the Village, was really spooky and fresh but the rest of the game is soo INCREDIBLE repetitive. It tooke me 6 months finish it...not because it was hard, but because i was soo tired to enter in the same room over and over and fight agains millions of monks with the same voice and animation. The girl with big boobs is abducted, you sabe her, then shes abducted again, you found her again and then they took her old RE games you had the chance to complete the puzzles at different moments or chose other paths (like in RE 3 Nemesis) But RE 4 is deffinety the most linear and less inspiring game. The story looks like they made it in a couple of hours 2 weeks before the release......all the characters are strereotypes of many other characters, with Sadler as the generic monk who wants to conquer the world and Ada, no more a cold industrial spy, now she is a James Bond girl who can figth agaisnt many monsters in a cooktail dress and high heels. Leon looks great, but is probablly the most generic and cartoonish can throw Godzilla in the midle of the village and hes only "o-o Asley, i am going to save you"

The game turns out to be a nice action game with some "cool" moments and a repetitive gameplay and also the worst horror game

The Capcom make RE Umbrella Chronicles. They basically put the whole RE story in one game, removing all wath it makes it good: the tension, the exploring, and suspense. And they add.....well....gun blasts <_< they repeate pretty much everything....but to make it mor in the tone of RE 4; with this i mean they add lots more action and they delete HUGE parts of the story, they delete characters, they give a robotic voice to Nemesis and they add a final brand new chapter that come out with a great plot twists: destroy a computer soo Umbrella can die....and they bring new monsters: a Kingdom Hearts version of Mr.x all in disco fashion, a robot and a Tyrant with a penor in the mouth.

Strangelly Capcom is making anpother new game like this"Umbrella Dark Chronicles" wich include all the erased storys (like RE 2) and a more simple gameplay (now the game aim for you, you just push a button to shot in the rigth moment)

After such simple and midcles (and best sellers) RE games, i am really afraid of RE 5

Soo far the story looks good, is about Umbrella again, tehres Jill and other interesting old characters but i feel woo abd to see many repetitive elements (theres El Gigante again). The gameplay in the demo is good (the same of RE 4, is not inovative but is the natural gameplay for a sequel and works fine) and Shinji Mikami, creator of RE, already say that ehs not going to play it, cus he wants to play a horror game, not a casual gamer shooter >_> .....

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh jajajajajaj

I want to kill!!!!

Waths the difference between a good and peacefull person and a stupidlly too good and coward person??

We are blind for the rage we fell now? Or are we blind fo the love of the past to give a lesson it must give?

Wth to do wehn you care and love someone / something and you hate that same thing / person at the same time??

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A couple of days ago i went to the cinema to see CORALINE

Is a movie absed on a Neil Gaiman book and directed by the Nigthmare Before Chritmas director and is made in stop motion (animation frame by frame using toys as actors) and not only that, but is on 3D!!!

Coraline is a litle adventurous girls who just moved to a new house but is bored, cus her aprents are always working and the neigthbours are kinda.....weird but still boring. Then one day she find a small door on her living room and at the other side tehres a palce just like her home, but her toyc can talk, everything is clean, the garden is beautifull and the food is always candys and cakes!!! There she find her aprents...her "other parents". They are like her real aprents but they have buttons instead of eyes and they are always funny and pay attention to her.

This looks perfect untill Coraline find out that her other mother have other kids there....kid she kill, and also she wants to sew buttons in Coraline eyes!!!

The movie is really long and the animation is soo stuning!!! the colors are wonderfull and the toys actors are great, with such mezmerising design and lively acting.

I read the book and the story is really really close to the book but with added scenes and elements. Like the new character, Weaby. He is Coraline neigthbour too but hes not in the book. I tougth he was going to be distracting but he turns out to be a really interesting and apealling character, and while he dosnt enters into the "action" he helps a lot to build the feeling of the movie.

The story have elemtns of Alice in Wonderland but with really deep and kinda disturbing elements (witches, kids abduction, ghosts, Coraline have to find kids eyes, alternative universes) and it have a wonderfull and great message behind. The music deservs mention since is really beautifull, soo lovely and charming at times and soo spooky and creppy at othr moments.

My favorite characetr was the "other mother", shes soo charming and cute at first and then she turns out something really evil...and her final mutation into the final boss is soo beautifull and creppy!!! The movie is full of "OMG D= "scenes, twists and adventures it really feels amazing xD

I love this movie soo much x3 i hope some of you guys can see it, specially in 3D, its a totally diffeent experience x3