Friday, August 20, 2010


A new entry soo fast!!! But it sawys fanart, soo since Alex is mine, this means theres no art of mine in this entry xD i just make this as tribute to those who make art of my beloved character Alex!


This picture was done by SABLECHAN! His art manages to be really erotic but kind of cute at the same time, also he have such amazing skillz coloring his art D:!


This piece was done by my friend BODSTART, is of course my character Alex, transforming on his vamprie form and fighting with one of Bostart characters, an Alien. I find this pic incredible cute x3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the artist BAHARU, he is actually one of my all tiem fav artists!!! I was soo excited to get this impresive and epic picture from him xDDDDD

OK, thats all for now!!! Thanks to all this amazing artists!!!! Once i finish some art trades i really want to show more about this character already!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi there!!! A new art today!!!!

This is an art trade with the awesome GIGAN. This trade....take me a long time for different factors: First i didnt had a clear idea of wath to do, i had soo many ideas and i couldnt pick one....i was goint to make Baal being raped in uke mode by Tristam on his room!!!! But thats an scene of ones of Gigan comics, soo i wanted somethign different xD

The i choce Behemoth using a dildo and just before i was going to ink it, Gigan make a comic about that D:!!!!! I wanted to draw Lou Nekosama too!!!!! And i finally end with this image!!!

Herz (the blonde guy) is Gigan (the green hair guy) brother but he was in love of BellaDone, a woman who was killed by his own brother Gigan. To never forget her, Herz sacrifice his eyes and decide to take revenge on his brother. I always liked Herz, hes soo cool and theres not too much about him on Gigans gallery (or maybe tehre is but i lost easily there xD), his relation ship of hate with his bro looked too interesting for me (plus, Gigan is hawt!!) soo this image was born.

Herz is ready to finally take revenge on his brother, maybe is a fantasy of his or even a dream......and hes going to kill his brother, not raping him, rigth? Your a bunch of sick perverts D:
Mmmm......Gigan art is always soo wonderfully colorfull and somehow this pics looks dark and violent xD i feel like Tim Burton after he amde Batman D:

Anyway, i am sure theres loads of anatomyc mistakes, i should really start to get legs references xDDD i really hope Gigan likes this image D: sorry it take me soo long!!!!

I still want to draw more of his character °u° like Lou, Yentis, Tristam, Jillian.....but first ill take care of the other trades xD

Sunday, August 15, 2010


.....but today i went to the Vampires and Werewolfs museum and i loved this D:

I was drooling soo much about it D:!!!!

I learn a lot of stuff! Like how saliva is the representation of the soul and can hurt dark creatures, soo if your attacked by a vampire just spit on him/her and the monster will explode D:

Also Wolfmen are afraid of frogs o_o! If your attacked by a wolf then throw at him a frog and hes going to ran away

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finally an art update °3°!!!! Uuhummmmm, this time is a birthday present xD for my very dear friend ADRAS!!!!!

This was the perfect chance to draw two of the characters i been waiting to draw xD and i had a lot of fun as well!!!! I wanted to give it a simple look at the pic, like a card of some sort xD soo i scraped the other dieas i had for the background and i add a little of the Uruboros slime xD. Carlos, well......i am deffinetly going to draw him again, more nude of course =O and Jill, i had alot of fun with her!!!! I was afraid to draw her manly and end with something like THIS but after a little bit of experiment with the pose i think i avoided that curle destiny xD. Also, femenin hand sare soo hard to draw o______________________o i didnt knew it >_>

You can visit my Y GALLERY for the G version and my DEVIANT ART for the T version as well. If someone want a better looking version of this Uroboros image then you need to take a look at the account AKUMA-OTOKO in DA for it....blogger deffinetly dont have the best quality >_>

And aparently after this, looks like my PC is totally fixed (????)!!!!!! Yheaaaaa x)!!!! Soo ill be working extra hours like i never do before to mass produce more art and all the trades and requests for you people!!!! Have patience and thanks for reading this!!!!

And Happy Birthday Adras *0*!!! I hope you like it xD

Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes!!!! First i add pictures and if you want to know important details of how has been life goin, go to the bottom of this post xD


This was one of my bigger surprises of this year! Square making MGS toys!!!! This Snake is based on the last game; MGS Peace Walker. He.....manage to survive all Square design issues!!!!

He can hold his weapon perfectly (and shield) soo no pegs and holes and that stuff. He can stand perfectly, soo no ugly looking gigantic base!!!! His articulations are soo strong o_o he have gears inside and is heavy!!!! He have closed and opened hands to hold his weapons. a riot shield; wich is a very cool item but not quite rigth for Snake.....he dosnt use shields o_o and a MK 22...well, two MK 22....both are exactly the same weapon but one have a removable supressor soo yhea....two Mk 22 u_u

Each detail on his outfit is perfect!!! The Fox logo and the MSF logo on his shoulders!! The wires and belts!!! Snakes epic and legendary ass!!!! And his face is soo perfectly sculpted, with such realistic and yet soft texture and with soo many shades of paint in every wrinckle, hes by far the most impresive and perfect Snake figure to date (and Play Arts), hes actually close to the HOT TOYS level of detail!!!


Dante is soo awesome *0* i always wanted a DMC 4 Dante figure and Square made my dream come true xD!!!! Both his sculpt and articulations are very impresive!! The articulations feel more delicate than Snake´s ones but they works really great. He can stand on his own and dosnt have the awfull bases of the first Play Arts!!!

His face is sculpted very closelly to the in game model, but theres still something missing xD, the...greay beard is such a nice detail....

He comes with his sword Alastor, wich can be palced on his back perfectly and his two guns, Ebony and Ivory. Now the down side is that his hands have some kind of pegs or rods, and the weapons have holes......but the pegs are too thikc, soo place the weapons on his hands is really difficult >_<

I dont know if i am going to getNERO tougth,i am not veyr inetrested on him...he looks good with Dante but thats all he is, just a cool and big accesory to makes Dante looks cool

W00t they looks nice but kinda weird all together xD. Snake is deffinetly the best looking o_o. Anyways, on news with real importance, i just get my PC back!!!!

The problem wasnt the power source, but the power button.....wish is integrated with the whole PC, soo they remove all the guts to my PC and add them to a new "body" my PC is withe instead of black, it dosnt have the HP logos and is HUGE!!!! I had lots of problems to find a godo palce for it on my room. But it worked!!!....but Photoshop didnt worked ;_; soo i had to search for it and resintall it....just after that my internet DIED!!!! The modem is fine and i have Wifi, but the problem was inside the amchine, it didnt open ANY page. I manage to restart my PC to the point just before it stoped working and now i have Internet but theres no audio!!!!! I already re.conect everything and everything is fine and yet, tehres no audio and no one knows why........soo i have like 2000 of updates in every single site i visit and soo many piled artworks to finish!!!!!

Ill be checking all updates the next few days and ill post an art as soon as i can!!! long as if my monitor dosnt explodes...or my mouse starts to melt or aliens abduct my motherboard or something unespected happends....