Monday, December 8, 2014


This weekend was pretty busy because Benjamin Lacombe visited my city and of course i had to be there.

He was on a big library giving autographs along side his boyfriend Sebastien Perez and if you where one of the first 20, he could make an illustration just for you!!! Of course i NEEEEDED a picture of him and wanted to see him working in front of me and i remember a spanish girl last year, who went to a library on her city one and a half hour before the arrival of Lacombe to get one of this illustrations.

I was stupid enough to arrive 6 hours before the arrival of Lacombe to be sure i was the first on the line and in fact i was the number 80… the first 20 people in the line arrived 5 hours before me…

But i decided to wait anyway as a proof of my stupidity. The people of the library let the first 20 humans to go in for theyr illustration and they started to let “other people” to mix with those 20 for a certain amount of money. Benjamin Lacombe was like “OK, i am done! 20 illustrations…” but he still had other 6 or 8 people waiting and after do a couple of drawings, he still had 6 or 8 …

He worked for 4 hours straight while we waited on the street and under the night sky.

By this point i should have left. I am up to wait 11 hours for him to do me a illustration but just for an autograph?? It wasnt very logic.

At 10 pm i was finally in front of him and he wasn happy at all (like us either) but he was pretty polite and nice. He give me his autgraph and drew me a cat on Tales of the Macabre and i got another autograph of him and his boyfriend at Genealogy of a Witch.

I am pretty happy i was able to meet him and exchange a few words with him and Sebastien Perez but this kind of events are really not working rigth here at Mexico. Wait for 11 hours and not be able to be one of the first on the line is a pretty obvious sign thats something´s wrong.

Something´s always wrong if you dont pay to be the first f have influences at all.

Lacombe did more than 20 illustrations for 4 hours and attended a master class at the university a few hours earlyer and yet he was pretty nice and let me take a photo with him.

And he did this for 5 days in a row.

The organisation was pretty awfull but i wonder wath does Lacombe think about Mexico now. He was expecting 30 humans to show up to see him but instead he had 200 each day. I am pretty sure is kind of terifiying to find out theres soo many people following your work in another continent.

I wish i had the chance to exchange some wors with Sebastien as well. He didnt pick as much attention as Lacombe did but he was always helping him with his art tools and was pretty nice to sign some of the books too. At one point he autograph a book that wasnt writted by him and Lacombe was pissed off.

I really love the great team they do. One writte the storyes and the other one illustrate them. Creating something as amazing as this books alonge side with your partner sounds so unique. I never expect boyfriends to be this helpfull!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Months ago i watched the movie Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary and i had a big rush of "inspiration". Now i had this on the work for some months ago because i had to finish the commissions first but i am happy to finally be able to show this!!!

Aioria, the gold saint of Leo was one of my favorite saints since the anime came out and i was pretty excited to see him in the movie!! I loved his new design (i actually liked a lot all the re-design) and how cute and hairy they did him for a change.

Here is the trailer:

I was actually aming to do something simple but the very few gold armour pieces took me ages!!! After Gabriel´s boots and this i am really starting to develope a hate for metalic objects. The background is pretty odd but i didnt wanted to spent hours on it since i know most people dosnt care backgrounds at all.

I have another saint on the works but after this maybe i leave him alone and focus on someone with no metal objects...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hello there!!

This time i come with a crossover picture!!! And not any crossover, but one with two of my favorite characters as well!! This pic really makes me build soo much scenarios in my mind ....

This was a commission i started last month took me a lot of time. I am sorry for that but i really really took my sweet time with it. I triyed to add as much details as i could and i had a lot of fun drawing this two and make them very different, from the skin tone to the muscle build; both are muscly but Gabriel is more stocky and Miguel is a lot more defined.

I strugled....with Gabriel boots. I HATE those botts and i swear i am not gonna draw them again. Ink them and color them with metalic style was pretty time consuming.

Also, my costumer wanted an inner view to make the scene more raunchy but he wasnt sure if he wanted it "on Gabriel" or in the background soo i did both versions. If you dont like the "inner view" on Gabriel, then theres the clean version.

This was pretty new to me as well and i had A LOT of fun doing it. I try my best to make Gabriel´s insides all creamy and warm.

My costumer also liked them "horse size"!!!! And again, since i am not used to draw them soo big, i did another version with smaller penis for those who likes them in a more human standar (tough they are still huge).

Soo tell me if you like them!!! Wich version is the best and if the insides looks creammy enough!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello there!! An update and its art related!!!! OMG!!!! One of the first steps to re-animate this place, re-build it and be back at my bones again.

This picturein here is actually a little teaser of an big picture. I know is a little late for Halloween but this image was made public back in octuber 31. Is Belvadar and...if you want to know more, be sure to visit DINOSAUR PRINCE´S KINGDOM

I had A LOT of fun doing this picture. Dinosaur´s characters are soo bizarre and strange looking and yet maintain theyr hunky features pretty nicelly. I loved to work with soo many transparencys (and it was a big challengue) and i actually enjoy doing that cartoony background for once.

I will post another pic in a few days soo enjoy this for now.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I was pretty excited the first time i learn about Project Zwei. Shinji Mikami was back at my favorite genre and the very few background artworks revelaed where pretty hypnotic and glommy. When they released teaser i noticed how different to Resident Evil  this game was gonna be and i fall in love of the main character, Sebastian Castellanos, and his old school looks and coat. 2014 was pretty dry in videogames for me, i felt hype for two tittles, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and this tittle; The Evil Within.

Castlevania was....pretty, but overall extremelly irrational and unsatisfiying. Gladlly, The Evil Within is more conventional to the expectation, as long as you have the rigth expectations of course.

Mikami claimed this game was going to be the pure esence of "Survival Horror" and i think those claims are the ones that can ruin the persception of this piece. The Evil Within is not "pure survival horror" but is more like an evolution of it. A mutant of some sort.

People has been complainging this is like Resident Evil 4 and theyr are rigth, this game takes a lot of elements of it but it leads them to a darker and creppyer direction. The gameplay is pretty similar (or pretty standar i should say since most videogames use this controls) but wath is different is the execution. RE 4 gameplay never was the issue in Capcom´s series, but the inclussion of online co-op, unlimited ammo, 42352 different weapons, linealitty, lack of puzzles and giant set pieces and huge monsters runing around. The concept of put you in a pit with countless monsters and your partner to fight your way out.

The Evil Within take the other way instead. Weapons are pretty old and they only can carry 5 or 10 bullets at max soo you like it or not, you cant take the Rambo way. You dont have to baby sit anyone (except on one chapter) or being protected by anyone; your totally alone. You cant kung-fu fight enemies like Leon in RE 6 at all, if you want to do a stealth move you need to carefully aproach an enemy from behind and take the risk of being seen by him of his other zombie pals. You cant jump or evade or even speed run since theres countless of traps in ever corne, from bear traps to bombs and strings in the floor.

You have to be patient and slowlly navigate your way step by step, hidden in the shadows while you hear moaning of enemies somewhere in the dark cornes. You need to search inside boxes and rooms, hide if you hear someone approaching and once the coast is clear, get out and continue searchign bullets of keys or files to uncover the story.

And that is wath makes a good Survival Horror.

Sometimes it feels like its pretty unfair since Sebastian is weaker than an average humans (he only can run 3 seconds and hes out of breath) but once you beat the learn curve you see theres many ways to overcome your foes. Even with no bullets, you can stealth kill them, attract them to traps or even run (and maybe die with a bomb) or just enter into an old farm and look for one or two bullets. No gun fights here, just shot at theyr legs and when one of them falls, run and throw a match!!! The zombie and his friends turn into a moving sea of corpses on fire.

There is trully many ways to overcome the challenges and Sebastian, while weak, have in fact many many resources on his hands as long as he uses his brin instead of his infinite rocket launcher. 

Unlike RE and most modern games, theres manual save in here and is used in the most inventive and artistic way as well. Silnt Hill already did it, giving meaning to the red save blocks in Silent Hill 2 or the cult symbol in Silent Hill 3. The Evil Within demands you to follow a soft tune in the ocean of silence and darkness until you reach a mirror, there you can transport yourself to an outer world hospital. This is a safe heaven since tehres nothing hamrfull here, but theres still disturbing visions and small bits of story telling that keeps you in your sences and remidns you not to relax, even if you feel safe.

The monster design is really top notch. The normal enemies are basically zombies combined with Hellraiser´s Cenobits; with theyr bodyes covered in wounds and torture devices. Some of them whear doll masks and theres both female and male kinky zombies. The other monsters are grotesque and pretty nostalgic since they seems to be taken out of the old RE games or any other survival horror game; small explosive worms, monsters hidden under water, crawling enemies, some other with two faces or heads and some resembles a crucifix with a wodden devise on theyr back.

Bosses are extremelly impresive and a puzzle of theyr own since they cannot be hurt by normal means. They need an element of the background to be beaten or even they need to be escaped at all. The mutant wolf that ressembles William Birkin was one of the cheapest bosses even if its design was pretty nostalgic and fit perfectly. The Keeper, while obviouslly based on Red Pyramid Thing, was extremelly intimidating and tough at first until you manage to escape from him...and he commits suicide and reborns seconds later inside the room your hiding. Re-bone Laura was my favorite design by far and while the theory to kill her is pretty easy (shot at the gas cilinders) her speed and wicked looks makes her extremelly challenguing and frigthning. Speciall mention goes to the parking lot beast since he fits perfectly on any RE game or Alone in the Dark and hes incrediblly strong and exciting with his lamp eye.

Not everything is perfect tough. The game is linear (ugggg). You cant backtrack except for a couple of scenarios. Also all scenarios are totally disjointed. Sebastian is literally tossed to a brand new world each chapter without any coherency. This dosnt lets you feel lost on a labyrint or traped, except for the subterranean scenarios, you dont feel much clautrophoby at all. This is pretty unnerving in the wrong way... the world this game takes place is not pretty clear.

Also theres a few scenarios where it feels like Mikami at his team where afraid to make a "too different game" and they take the Resident Evil route. You are traped in some ruins at fay light with 50 enemies runing at you while some folks shoot arros at you from towers. In other section you are confronted by a hummer with a torret. Theres a cenario where you need to kill many enemies in order to escape from such arena. This sections feel extremelly distant of the rest of the game where you can chouse wath aproach to take and hide away.

Also theres a guy with a chainsaw... He was nice in RE 4 but when the guy with the chainsaw appeared again in RE 5 but with black skin, the formula was more anoying thatn scary. When the monster with Chainsaw Ubvistvo appeared in RE 6 and the guy with two heads and a chainsaw arm pops out of the communication room in RE Revelations, the charcter was already a joke. here as well and i should say, the game could be better without him.

My other complaing are the visuals. Characters and monster looks good. Scenarios does not. Theres a few pretty low quality textures going on in here and you even need to take a closer look at them to notice they are a bottle or a poster but they looks more like pixeal art. I really wish they could have taken theyr time polishing it more since it really deservs it.

And about the story and characters, they are all good. Sebastian and the rest of th cast are not very talkative outside of cutscenes. They are not as deep as Silent Hill characters but they have as much character development as any Resident Evil character and i think thats fair enough to feel sympaty for them (or hate for Ruvik). The storyline is pretty much the opposite of Biohazard, is full of sureal twists and and supernatural elements that at first dosnt match at all, but once you finihs the game you notice how simple this was. This game is literally a trip into a nightmare; theres no sance of "place" and you see many wrong things that cannot be explained, theres no sence of "time" either and as such, the game is pretty effective.

The storyline is much more closer to Rule of Rose, Silent Hill or Siren and yet, its much more realistic and makes more sence than Resident Evil 6 or Revelations.

Is this the core of survival horror? Nope since it dosnt have too much of Resident Evil 1 on it (except of the typewriter save). This game is more like the wicked and scary brother of Resident Evil 4. Is more like how Resident Evil 5 should feel or is RE 4.5. If Capcom would want to continue Biohazard in the horror way, they would have done this game.

Is less polished than RE 4-6 and Revolutions. Its not perfect since it have a few areas where it trys to be actioni. 

But is deffinetly a better Survival Horror game than RE 4-6 and Revolutions. The difficulty is much more high. The athmosphere is much more exquisite and the rythm is much more horror oriented than the latest Biohazard games. Is superior as a Horror experience even if is pretty rough at the edges.

The storyline is pretty different and cerebral but is wath make it feel more fresh and niche. That combined with all the familiar elements from horror games it have (zombie dogs with extra eyes, chessy dialogues, backtracking for keys) make it worth the title of one of the best horror games in a generation with Silent Hill as its only heir.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Last night i was cheecking the profile of certain bara Doctor artist and i was kinda shocked by one of his posts. This Doc artists said he dosnt draw porn because he dosnt feel confortable doing it.

Thats nice until his followers started to comment his posts. They basically wrotte a wall of text saying his art was much more superior than anything else and "LET THEM DRAW PORN, YOU DO TRUE ART, YOUR A TRUE ARTIST"

Maybe i am taking it too seriuslly but i was specially offended by this way of thinking. This where not nuns or saints who where posting. They where gay men.

The Doctor owner of this profile is pretty good at drawing and he keeps copiying Nickie Charles themes on his pictures. The same men Nickie draws, this Doctor draw them too in similar situations and with similar colours but with theyr penis hidden. This told me he respects and admires Nickie a great lot (understandable) soo its pretty shocking to see this people who follows him dont respect Nickie at all by saying hes not an artist.

I was hurt not because of my art, but most likelly because this people said some artists i admire and love are not artists at all but just "porn doers". Well this "porn does" are much more capables and artistic than your beloved "light Nickie clone"

I decided to say wath i tough about the mather on the Doctor profile and i was pretty polite as well since i didnt adressed anyones name on my comment or compared anyone. The result is that the Doctor deleted my post.

I sure sure hope all this people dont have a single scan or image from Takeshi Matsu´s manga or Class Comics scans on theyr hard drive or else the hypocrecy is gonna sky rocket.

But i am sure they have the entire Tom of Finland collection on theyr cell phones...

I am posting here one picture of Mentaiko, an image that this people say "its not art" just to illustrate why this humans angry me soo much.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My confidence is in the lowest levels possible.

I was talking with someone about commissions and i said i would ask 20$ for a finished picture and he told me it was too much. Then i asked around how much does people would pay for my work and they say: nothing or 10$ as the higest price.

I never considered myself a good artist but i never expect my work was worth only 10$ to other people…

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sheamus has been defeated and hes tasting more than the fist of his rival!!

I feel soo dirty!!!! Now i am drawing real life human beings!!! I wonder wath whoudl he thinks if he look at this. I hope he "likes" it and masturbate to it....

OK, stop thinking more dirty!!!! This is a gift for a friend who likes Sheamus. I never tough anythign naugthy about this guy before he told me but i had a lot of fun doing this!

Soo i been drawing again....or should i say, posting again. I really never stoped doing art. I draw a lot on the 3DS and my sketch books. I just didnt do anything worth posting at all. Soo wath happened? Well, i actually get interested in humans.

I notice i spent hours and hours and hours, literally, inside my room, drawing even in weekends at night. Theres nothing wrong with it at all, i actually love it. But also i kind of feel lonely, way way too lonely. Soo i decided to end my activitys and focus on writing, drawing on traditional media and also meet guys.

This sounds soo lame...but yhea, i felt like i was drawing the same guy, even if they characters i draw where totally different, i felt like i was drawing someone i wanted. I guess that happends with everyone who draws erotic.

Soo all this time i meet a lot of guys of all ages and styles and i leanr i am not meant to be with humans. I......really...cant understand them at all. I tough meeting guys would be normal but i am in complete oblivion about them. I have no idea how to even start talk to them:

I send them messages with a "hi, how are you?" and sometimes i send them messages triying to be original like asking them if i can draw them since they inspire me a lot. I get one reply out of ten messages.

They sometimes send me a message and ask for my wathsapp and they never talk to me ever again. I say "hello" and i get a "hello" back from them, i ask them stuff of theyr job or theyr home or hobys and they never talk to me anymore. Sometimes they block me as well. I even tried to date guys that i dont like physically (didnt wanted to be superficial) and i got just a big lack of interest from both sides.

One of them wanted to meet me soo we meet and he arrived with all his friends and made me feel terrible awkard. Some other one stoped talking to me in the moment i ask a date.The wolf guy i liked soo much stoped talking to me since i stoped sending him porn. I send them a lot of messages and i tire them, then i stop sending messages and they forget all about me.

I always tough the "dont worry, just be yourself" trick was the rigth answear but is not, being myself dosnt help me at all not a little bit.

The real answear to get love is actually being hunky, fit, handsome and sexy.

In a few words; i am extremelly tired to try to pick theyr attention dancing around and jumping like an idiot. Theres something missing my logic, i know. But to be honest i dont give a damn anymore.

I dont write this to get any sympathetic reaction, i just wanted to write it soo i dont forget it and to leet you peopel know that i am going to be back at posting artwork in regular basis again (as long as my OLD PC let me)!!!!