Monday, March 21, 2011


People!!!! I need to check a lot of updates from your blogs!!!! I really have to do it in the next days, soo keep up with me! To warm up things i am posting a brand new artwork from Dante´s Inferno

Dante from Dante´s Inferno being molested by Lucifer in the second circle of hell - Lust - (thats why is all purplish).

This picture gives me such mixed was HARD...i had a lot of problems inking Dantes helmeth since i suck at drawing half circles...i ha dproblems with Beatriz cross and i had to draw it independently. I had fun experimenting with Lucifer, hes full of transparencys, some parts of him are in front of Dante while others are behind him.

This picture wa soriginally Dante raping a Demon but it changed somehow o_o......Dante´s design is soo simplistic looking (he is shirtles) but theres soo much going on with him o_o his armour is soo detailed....and the cartoons on his bandages, damn.....they took me A LOT OF time. I was soo bored at half way i had to leave it for a few weeks and continued again half last year.....

Soo, is this brand new? Nope, i finished last year but i didnt posted it cus i dont like it too much.....i dont like the idea behind it a lot and i think it looks messy with the cellshading of Dante and the soft coloring of Lucifer xD i dont like the background....but oh well, it took a lot of my time, soo why not post it, hu?

Anyway, sorry for the anatomy errors in advance xD...also, the cartoons on his red bandages are not accurate (D:) and...theres actually some character guests in here but they are small soo i dont know if someone can spot them xD

Soo, thats all for tonight, i see you people tomorrow and thanks to all people who keeps visiting this place, it means a lot to me x3.