Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tokyo Game Show is taking place rigth now =D (i think)...... in Tokyo of course D: *ahem*

Anyways, for all of you who already are sick of RE 5 and spend ours playing it and ulocking are some news, Capcom is making a remake of RE 5 soo we need to unlock everything again Dx. But this time the game have an extra chapter that take place before RE 5. It shows an adventure with Chris and Jill in the mansion of Oswald E. Spencer.

This means the game is back to the old mansions! with puzzles and scary music again =D!!!! Also Jill is back as a playable character!!!! (and we are going to see how she die xD) The game is adding the same controls of the RE 4 Wii Edition but with the PS 3 Motion Controler that looks like a futuristic dildo with light ......

But i am a lot mroe excited for the new Metal Gear game, METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER in the PSP. Theres already a demo on IGN, while its on japanese, one can have a good look at the incredible graphics and the gameplay changes. The button configuration is bizzare but it can be changed and theres some really dull gameplay issues (invicible walls, no radar, no crawling, weird item selection) and i hope they fix them.

All the cutscenes are art of Ashley Wood and the story is more focused on MGS 3 this time. It seems theres many important secrets behind The Boss and how Snake was cloned. I didnt expect too much of the story since all the misterys are revealed in MSG 4, but Kojima is adding many characters that looks out of place; like a entity with the disturbing name of Strangelove who clams to love The Boss (i dunno if this character is a manly woman or a girly boy xD), theres a girl who had a very important part in the story who is based on the old shojo manga style and looks out of place, but shes stuningly beaitfull!!! They also add a young Master Miller and a Metal Gear called Peace Walker developed in Costa Rica with the porpuse to show to the world theyr power.

Snake is the same of MGS 3, but he have more rougth and mature face features and hes more hairy!!! he come swith different outfits, a ugly armored suit too (and amazingly his bulge looks really clear under the metalic armour o___________________o) and he can be played shirtles too

OMG they give him such a neat texture on his shirtles mode, he looks soo real and rapable D: OMG i wish they use THIS snake in MGS 4 instead of the Old Snake >_>

I am soo escited about MGS again........the last time i fele soo excited about it was in the 2007!!!!! While MGS 4 was great, it really was depresing and not my favorite xD and i really tougth i would not see anymore MGS news for a good amount of time, but now with this new game so similar to MGS 3 i am soo hyped x3

Maybe see soo many Snakes runign around and sweezing in a small carboardbox have something to do with this

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hey! Here reporting that i am still alive xDDDD and catching all the updates around!!!!

I make this journal because i am fascinated with one little book xD, i buy SF 20: THE ART OF STREET FIGHTER a few days ago and as i say: i am fascinated with it xD

The books is HUGE and comes with all the art about SF from Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Shinkiro, Ikeno, Dai-chan, Shoei, Sensei, Shima Maeda, Harumaru, Oji, Falcon, Nona, Takuji Kawano and many many other Capcom artists from the last 20 years (SF IV inclused) The amount of images is brutal; theres concept sketchs, covers for games and magazines, character profiles, screen selection and endings art and exclusive art too.

I love Capcom art, its soo unique and awesome, soo nostalgic at times with the SF II art and soo stylish with Kinu Nishimuras sketchs and directions of every inch of every character for the SF II Movie. The artists make comments about most of theyr works and they explain how they come out with each idea, wath material they use or if theres some kind of special detail about it.

The Edayan section was specially interesting for me, sinces hes my favorite Capcom artists and his pictures are such source of inspiration. But while other artists give comments of theyr style, technique or use of certain art, Edayan commenst are always like ""This picture was extra hard because my planing was soo poor","i started to use the same material of CRMK art hoping that would help me get closer to his style", "i was always sad to see certain fakeness surrounded my work", "since i had never received any formal schooling in art i faced a lot of challenges after joining Capcom", "seeing my images makes me a little sad, there just soo lifeless", "everall i think their poses are soo stiff"........... all the time i read him i was like "wh...wut...waht? o__o.....why D=??? >_>"

The book comes with many well known images, very nostalgic from the SF II-III era but it comes with many obscure and unused illustrations as well as little images for pincs, fan club newsletters, postals, telephone cards and that kind of stuff. I specially like this chibis; Chun-li scares me xD but Poison is cool and the Sagat huging Ryu is soo incredible cute *^*

Also i loved this one. Morrigan cant stop her seduction not even in the train xDDD, Rolento is hiting on Jill Valentine, Sakura is all happy because shes being squeezed in Ryus body, Hayato and Jin Saotome are having a "Close encounter" xDDDD and Ken is abusing sexually of Zangief..................ಠ_ಠ

As a gamer, this books is priceless and a tribute to Capcom art on its best form. From a yaoi point of view, each page have muscly Ryu, Guile, Ken and many other characters in action poses or shirtless.....soo that says everything xD. In an artistic point of view see this pictures in high resolution and read how they where made, wath materials they used and wath inspired the artists to make them is incredible enlightning and amazing!!! This books is really worth looking (the USA version...or the Japanese version if you read japanese xD)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a gift art for my friend YELMO at the Y!

Its the new Pirnce D:!!!!! And hes looking for his donkey entity.....of course, he thinks hes alone. He needs to cover up a little since Elika and her father are runing around close o_o

This time i make both the lineart and colors a bit different xD. Since the game have a cell-shading style i try to translate it here. Instead of draw a lineart with different sizes, i only use two, a thin one for the details and a strong one for the outside line, to make him stand out and looks cartoonish xD

Also instead of using different colors for the different shadows, i only use a layer with pure black shadows and i change the opacity at the end to make it transparwent, that way the shadow can looks more intrusive and more similar to the game.

The most anoying thing in here was the design, serisully......his "gauntlet" thingy and his....belt (?) have such intrincate designs....i do my best to reproduce them but they are not accurate u_u

Anyways, i try my best on those details and in the whole pic, i am open to comments and hope you ejoy x3