Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yhea!!! More anime porn!!!!!

This time is Sagara Sousuke from Full Metal Panic!! / Fumoffu / The Last Ride. Soo far i only see FMP and FMP Fumoffu and i must say, Fumoffu is soo funny and awesome!!! So its Sousuke!!!! Hes one of my favorite characters and its a shame that theres not too much about him.....

Well, i learn a better way to do linearts with this pic and the background is ufly like always, ill be updating this again the weekend, soo stay alert x3.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello =o

Halloween is near soo i just had a anime marathon this weekend and is aw two neat animes!!! But i am afraid are not known by many xD

The first is Hakaba Kitarou. its about a ghost boy called Kitarou who is the last survivor of his ghost clan. The series take place on Japan of the 50s and shows Kitarou adventures with his father; an eyeball with a litle body; and how they face different traditional ghosts from Japan, werewolfs, vampires, demons and youkai and spirits.

Theres many diferent Kitarou series since he has been around since the 50s, but this Hakaba Kitarou is a traslation from the original manga. Theres many differences like the origin of Kitarou, in this anime we see his birth. Also Kitarou is not a hero who save people from monsters, here he is only concernedof himself and only wants to have fun, even if that means kill humans in the procces o_o.

The series is visually beautifull, all in sepia tones and is basically dark, twisted, bizarre, mature, cruel, unpredictable and creppy and each story is really original and is a incredible way to look at Japans post-war era and theyr culture. Its very Tim Burtonish ^3^

Sadly tehres no boobs or mechas in this anime, soo is not mainstreamish u_u.

The other anime i saw in my marathon xD was Kikoushi Enma. Its based on a Go Nagai manga from the 60s called Dororon Enma Kun and again, its a horror anime. This new version tells the story of Enma, son of Enma Daoioh, the king of hell. Enmas job is to hung fugitive demons in the human world and bring them them back to hell or kill them if they resis. Hes always with Kappaeur, a kappa monster who investigates info about the demonic possesion and Yuki Hime "the snow princes" who is the one who needs to control everything since Enma is a lazy and lustfull demon x3.

Again, visually is awesome, with brillant character design and realistic scenarios and style. the storys are really complicated and full of misterys and the last episodes are really disturbing. Theres a demon who traps different people into a hge mansion, the mansion is horrible and scary, like a elegant maze full of rooms with pianos, basements or art museums. theres no windows in the mansion and the victims start to see ghost from theyr past, people who they loved and now are death and some scenes let us see how this persons are lost in the mansion in first person view. the series is really opressive and really well made for any horror fan

Also Enma is really hatwm, i should draw him x3

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OK guys and gals, here is the young man Hong Yunseong, the Korean hunk from Soul Calibur. I been in love of him the last months, hes incredible hawt!!!!

This one toke me a lot of time and work, soo help me pint where can i improve, the shadows are OK? the colors? the details? Do i need to make less details? or add even more? wath about the background?

Aside of that theres nothing more to say, i been playing a lot SC IV online and i think i am going to pick MGS 4 again u_u. I am addicted to it. Also i was just playing Stryder on my PSP. Those old games had really neat characters but also had a very basic and simple gameplay but they dont make sequels or remakes of them anymore xD.

Well, i hope i can upload a pic eveyr wekk (thats it till Silent Hill Homecoming comes out), soo pray for me x3

Also, someone here is a Ninja Gaiden master? i am stuck in the stage 6 ;_; ............