Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ppppffff....its been a year since the last time i make an entry in here...i am beggining to think i should open a tumblr to start from zero or just revamp this place ....i really need a new design

Anyway, a couple of months ago i been sharing my place with a baby dinosaur thanks to my father. Its amazing how much times does animals take even if they are small. But even with the busynes of the day, i love this little guy a lot

Hes a predator and yet soo small and defenceless. His presence really relax me and keeps me company. Yhea, i know this is the first step to become the "crazy lady of cats" D: .....but i really enjot a lot the company of this little guy over humans latelly

Humans keep disapoint

And i will protect this little guy as much as i can!!