Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OMG YAYNEEESSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish Snake comes with all this accesories. Chris even comes with an extra shirt for the first figure (Chris on his RE 5 outfit)

Is hard to see it on this picture, but the texture on his face is soo..soo...well, like skin o_o and his eyes are soo weet ............

His M9 can fit perfectly on his leg, also the clip can be removed......actually the while gun can be devided in different parts xD

His MP - 5 have removable parts as well, like the clip. But the bullets comes in a small blue box with a wolf xD

The S&W M500 Magnum is soo awesooommmeeeeee and the barrel can be removed as well xD 8i know, i suck at taking pictures)

The Gatlingun is the biggest accesory of the pack. I honestly like it but dont want to use ti xD looks heavy.....and place the metalic backpack on his back is really tricky! With all the belts and wires <_< also:

I dont want to cover his S.T.A.R.S. logo x3. He also comes with his knife but.....i spent a lot of time placing the damn knife on his chest and i dont want to broke or or something, soo no pictures D:

OMG manly belly........withe briefs....i feel soo WONG feeling horny for a toy but hes such a handsome hunk of plastic xDDDD

I think the good points of this stand out a lot!!! Now the bad points: Hes soo delicate!!!! Full of wires and belts and stuff....every time i take him something falls xD soo move him around is tricky

He have an eskeleton with plastic like skin above, soo you cant see his articulations. This means you cant move him too much, or else his skin can be riped D:!!!! And he needs special care o-o the dust attacks his skin textures really badly and he cant be close to heat.

Well, enougth nonsenses *fades to darknes for now....*