Friday, May 10, 2019


Soo, i feel extremelly insecure about this and i feel i could have do a much better job with it (specially with the sad background) but if i dont post this as it is now, i probablly will delete it. Soo, depression aside, this is my very first full artwork after soo many years: Nyx Ulric from Kingsglaive.

I been in love of this character since i saw the movie years ago, he looks terrible sexy without showing flesh like Gladiolus and his super elegant military uniform and mohawk, beard and scars, all pull the strings of my kinks and it was an easy choice to pick my my "return" artwork.

The details on his kukris were a lot of fun to do and i try my best to reproduce the anime style os many new asiatic artists, tough is much more tricky than i tough and i wasnt sure how to do the scar/burn thingy on his chest without it looking too awkard...

I have my doubts about this but its done and i hope you guys like it.