Monday, July 29, 2019


Six years ago a no human creature started living in my house. She was tiny, ful of live and playfull and keep me company all the time. She wasnt anoying or destructive but she was only there, keeping me company and listening to me.

I also find out the incredible joy or establishing a comunication link with a non human creature, something i never expect before. I learned to undesratnd her wath bothered and viceversa. She did lactually understood me somehow, something my fellow humans do not.

And she also made me smile. Not a forced smile when you say "good motning" to the neighbour's or clients. I wasnt able to contain the urge to smile when she was playing with my headphones or wanted me to pet her while i was watching TV.

When she climbed to my bed and fall asleep on top of my belly or looked at me trough the window of my room when i leave in the morning and when i came back in the afternoon, she was there, in the window, waiting for me. There is soo many things i cannot forget about her.

Exactly this day, a year ago, she died and leave a big empty space in my life. I dont know if its stupid to miss an animal soo much but i still cry for her now and then and i am actually afraid that time pass by. I feel like the more time pass, she is somehow more and more far away and i hate it.

I know i said this place was going to be completelly dedicated to my art but i want her to leave a print in this blog as well, just a tiny little print compared with the gigantic colossal Godzilla size print she leaves on my soul.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Hello whoever read this!! I bring a new fanart of mine, like i said, i am going to turn this site only for my art and i will produce new pieces as aften as i can, promise!!

This time is Zangetsu from Bloodstained, that character with Snake´s David Hayer voice and a character i feel in love since the first images of him were released!! I love this hunky demon hunter and this picture let me notice how amazing is his character design. I had a lot of details to do in here and troubles for the lack of reference images!!

I didnt wanted to spent a lot o time in the background too since that woul take me a lot of time and i really wanted to start the Rule 34 of this character. There is no porn of Zangetsu!! I cant belive it!! How come theres LOADS of porn of the childish guy from the Pokemon game that is not out yet but theres nothing of this stud?? I cant understand humans at all...

Well, as much as a challengue this was, i had a lot of fun doing this. I hope i can post a new art sooner this time.

Friday, May 10, 2019


Soo, i feel extremelly insecure about this and i feel i could have do a much better job with it (specially with the sad background) but if i dont post this as it is now, i probablly will delete it. Soo, depression aside, this is my very first full artwork after soo many years: Nyx Ulric from Kingsglaive.

I been in love of this character since i saw the movie years ago, he looks terrible sexy without showing flesh like Gladiolus and his super elegant military uniform and mohawk, beard and scars, all pull the strings of my kinks and it was an easy choice to pick my my "return" artwork.

The details on his kukris were a lot of fun to do and i try my best to reproduce the anime style os many new asiatic artists, tough is much more tricky than i tough and i wasnt sure how to do the scar/burn thingy on his chest without it looking too awkard...

I have my doubts about this but its done and i hope you guys like it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I always had a lack of confidence about my art but now that it has been soo long since i posted something the insecurity is much much stronger. I admit i felt good at drawing again, and incking and can be addictive too, but at the same time it was very difficult to make a lineart again like i used too, and now that i am coloring i feel like i can do it good enough.

Is odd how art works, how fun and yet how cruel it can be.

Maybe it has to do with the HUGE amount of new artists. Theres A LOT of new artists on twitter posting art every single day and they skills with color and art in general is insane and they are much much younger. At times i wonder if its worth it keep tirying at all.

Then again, i wont stop and keep drawing.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Uggg i am soo sick... i was watching Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery on TV when i notice this guys on the background, nameless fans that the camera love to focus now on then in bwteen the action and i could not take them out of my mind, specially how good they would be on a 3some.

Tough theres a lot of hot characters on that movie...and in the other Scooby Doo movies as well, somehow theres always an atractuve side character.

Anyways, i tryed to mimic the movie art style and i know it looks messy and simplistic but i did this on one night and is a little update after all, rigth?

I hope someone find this good even with how obscure the characters are.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


I said my next post in this place will be an art posts soo here it is, and artwork kinda made by my.

Here is the explanation: I love Gargoyles, it was my favorite cartoon when i was a kid and now day it still fascinates me to the point i am still collection rare and old merchadise items of it. The series had some amazing and spectacular artwork that was show only on small covers, pamphletes, blisters, etc....and 25 years later is still imposible to find this art in HD and find out who was the amazing artists behind them as well.

Also, as some of you know, i lost my PC due to a strong earthquake (thats why i didnt upload anything in such a long time) and when i get this brand new PC i was...and i am still pretty rusty, soo in order to practice the use of the tablet all over again i decided to have a little fun.

The Skybox tradding cards set of Gargoyles have this artwork on the back soo i pretty much copied it - reproduced it on an empty canvas to have this image in HD.

It was....quiet a challengue to make everything fit as in the original illustration and i had to use a lot of my imagination to fill the many empty spaces of the image (it have the logos of Skybox and Disney all over it as well as white text) and the card is soo small some details were very blurry and hard to discern.

It took me a lot of time but i loved working on this. It was only for me since i cant take credit of the composition and beautifull look of this but, it was the first art i made with my new PC and maybe someone could find this helpfull?

Thursday, January 3, 2019


I know i say the next entry on this place will have art but i also open a blog about figures and toys. I know is a shot in the dark but if someone is interested on the matter or watch photos of figures you can visit it.