Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Soo its been a long time since i write something about videogames. The truth is that this year didnt had too much big games coming out for me...Metal Gear Rising was cool but ridden with disapointment here and there.....

And most rescently i was playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. I was able to snatch a Special Edition version very cheap ( 15$ ) and i am glad i get it at that price. I dont think FF XIII was a bad game...it just didnt release the full potential to it. FF XIII-2 for me was....boring...i spent 10 hours on it and i was faling asleep everytime i put the disc on the PS 3

Then i bougth a game for Vita, a small, obscure and unknown game no store seems to have and i was...soo blown away in every sence

Muramasa Rebirth 
This is supposed to be an "Action RPG" wich convine RPG elemnts like leveling up, equippment collection and status aliment, all mixed with an incredible frenetic and vicios fighting mode wich remidns me Devil May Cry...but in 2D with lots of exploration, big maps with hidden spots and toons of characters to interact with.

The top of the cake? An art design that is hard to belive. This game is like a moving painting mixed with dreamlike feelings. Is full of textures, the most amazing colors, the most surreal and beautifull scenarios and some of the most creppy characer design i seen

Is imposible to understand it until one saw it in action. The 2D art and animation blow away any 3D game i ever seen.

Its amazing, how such small, obscure and underground game can be this amazing of an experience.

On a side note i am playing Persona 4 Arena as well and its pretty much much much better than Injustice as well....