Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey there!!!!

I finish this pic a few weeks ago, but i wanted to post it with all my other Tekken artworks but my other pics needs to wait a little longer, since i am finishing much more important pics for now and i didnt wanted to leave this one collecting dust around my folders....also i am start to not liking this pic too much, soo before i start hate it, here it is!!!

I really love Chris Redfield, hes awesome, but serisully, WHERE IS THE MIGUEL ART??!!!! Hes just soo perfect in Tekken 6!!! He must be the next Chris Redfield from the yaoi bara world >_>!! Soo i demand you guys to draw him o0o^!!!!!!!!!!!

Just if you draw him , please make him nude o_o, i wish i draw him nude <_<.....i was brave enough (stupid enough)to draw all the design on his pants and boots and belt thingy by hand...and color them o_O, seriuslly i spent A LOT more time drawing the pants than the actual character or the background o___________________o

Oh also, please dont look at the background, its really horrible D=

Soo yhea...i demand more Miguel art o0o!!!!!!!