Monday, July 12, 2010


I had a lot of fun with this one as well!!! Snow is soo easy to draw (i dunno if thats a good thing or not xDDDD) and now.....i have a new Snow wallpaper ;3

This guy is one of the reasons i liked FF XIII, hes just ....HAWT D: and once he starts to say hes a hero and show his dumb smile, hes soo cute and silly x3!!!! The only thing i didnt liekd about him was Sera, she deservs to be a Cie´t stone D:

Anyways, like i say earlyer, i had fun doing this and i really tried HARD to make this looks just like one of the scenes of the game. This scene in the game is...just...awesome *drool* in HD and with all those details!!!! Snow skin texture is soo....nice *_* tougth while drawing this i was soo tempted to add some blonde fur on his chest and armpits, that would be soo sexy *0* but hes clean...soo no hair, sorry xD So tell me wath you think!!!!

Also, i got other 2 wips with Snow and Gadot, soo theres gnna be more FF XIII art you like it or not >:T and...i dunno wath else to say. I am going keep drawing to upload more soon Dx

PD. my birthday was a few weeks ago!!! If someone still wants to give me a present, i want THIS!!!! He dosnt have his coat but ill get one for him, i will take care of him and give him a safe home *_*

EDIT: Oh god!!!!! The image looks awfull D:!!!!!! If you want to se eit in good wuality, head over to my Y! GALLERY PAGE

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yayyynes!!!!! I feel excited x3!!!!!

I had a very busy week and i just came back and i found an awesome art of my character Alex Gates *0*

Soo, ill use this journal to gather the art of my original characters (just like Crimson Blood xD) actually feels amazing to see your characters on other people art, specially if they are characters you Love......and artist you admire and love as well >:9

To all who do this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now i start with the list and people who do this arts :D be sure to go to theyr gallerys and show them some love *3*!!!!!

This was done by the sexy JAVY and it was the pic that sparked this entry xD you can also visit his DEMIURGIK ART STUDIO here!!!!


by my dear awesome friend YELMO, he was the first person who draw Alex Gates, it was the first time he apeare on the internet as well *_*!! You can also visit him on his bloog THE ITHE SHADOW


Again by Adras (Yelmo)!!!!!! You can see this art as well as the rest of the calendar and other impresive art on his DEVIANT ART PAGE


By JayTee, he was was the second person to draw him. It was quite an honor!!! He have a brand new artbloog too, JAYTEE´S DIRTY ATTIC


By the sexy SATANUFI, he made one of my fav pics ever *_* He can be visited on his own blog THE ELF WORLD


by Satanufi as well!!!! He was the first person who draw othe rof my OCs, the wolfman Jason


again by Satanufi *¬*! I love this pic soo much!!!!


By Nezu!!!!!! I am still excited that he add my character Alex to this awesome poster *_* you can se emore of his impresive art at his DEVIANT ART PAGE


Again by Nezz!!!! Thanks soo much!!!!

Thanks guys!!!! I will work the double to post art of my OCs as well!!!!!! I really want to develop them more and...really, show more of them *_*