Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yep, no new artwork yet...the artwork i am curretnly working is hellish literally xDDD soo i need a few more days. But while its ready, i leave some updates for my character creation in Soul Calibus V

First a little update on Mizuki. I didnt want her to look too outdated, but since shes a japanese Oni, a black kimono was the best way to make her looks elegant and faithful to her original design. Soo far Alex Gates didnt change at all (previus post) hes my most fav design x3

Akuma Otoko.....yes, i am soo good for names >_<...this is my second favorite design!!!! I love everythign on this guy and he uses Mitsurugis style soo hes the character i use the most D:

Zero. I did create this guy in SC III, IV and Broken Destiny. He has been always on my Calibur games xDDD

My werewolf character, Jason!!!!! Since its imposible to give him modern clothing i turn him into a roman soldier xDDD

Jack Rider. Just playing around with designs





Aya Brea from Parasite Eve

Melisa Pearce/Eve from Parasite Eve

Jecht from Final Fantasy X

Kilik...the true Kilik...not the mimic character <_<

Rock from the old Soul Calibur games

Even with all this options i feel the game is falling short in term of items...theres soo many items missing from SC IV...i wasnt able to reproduce any of my designs of IV and Broken Destiny o_o

Then again, SC V feels short in more parts than the creation xD

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I finally played around with the character creation thingy from Soul Calibur V. I have to say, the level of custimization its pretty awesome!!!! Add tattos, paterns, change colors, change size, height, color in the eyes....but i cant seem to find descent clothing >_<

While all the colors and patterns can be changed, the clothing menu is kinda...hard to work xD half the stuff looks generic and boring, the other half looks soo silly. I ant find some good looking shirts...or a vest...not even a good looking coat >_<

I am tempted to leave my characters nude(and not for the eye candy...) or maybe i need to level up to the max to unlock the really awesome items for the game!!!

Here i leave pictures of Alex Gates, who turned out to look quite amazing o_o but the clothes...and also Mizuki Nori, one of his companions (who most of you still dont meet xD)

Once i update this designs or come up with new ones (Jason deffinetly xD), ill post pictures.