Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yyyhhheeeaaaa....i have a lot of topics to talk about soo instead of making a new entry for each one, ill post them all in here xD

Firts: OMFG i am soo excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YYYEEEESSSSS thank you Namco for show my favorite character soo early in the trailer and he looks sooo HAWT!!!!! OMG <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Ehem....secondly is art stuff. I did a collab with Naruto87/Abbe some days ago!!

Yup!!!! Rival Schools. I must say i LOVED to draw this two!!!!! I like to explore more the school life of this hunky characters soon!!!!!

For the colored version you can visit NARUTO87 GALLERY

Also i am working on an illustration for an artbook......i have only two days to finish it and i am not sure if i am going to be able to post it in here, since its a fanart of a webcomic, and i am not sure if the owner want his characters to be associated place of mine xDDDD

Anyway, i leave a little teaser and if i am able to post it ill do it later x3

Oh this year went soo fast......i was supposed to do a raunchy Christmas themed artwork but i am not sure if i am gonna do it......wath do you guys think? Could you accept a Xmas art present even if its posted on january? This month didnt leave me too much time for art and i was giving all my free time to the Secret Santa and the artbook image

Aaaaanyway, thanks to this i wasnt able to check your places either. I am very sorry guys m(_-_)m!!!! Ill do it later as well as reply to my comments!!!!

And...i wanted to ask, wath do you guys think about the videogame Yakuza xDDDD? I think it has been around since the PS 2 era but i never played it, but it alays looked inetresting. Its worth playing it xD?

I think thats all for now, take care and happy new year!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is my Secret Santa present for MAMA!!!!!!!

He asked something Christmas-ish, like a sexy nutcraker, but of course i wasnt going to use that not soo suprise idea xD and no nudity!!!!! Something funny too- i dunno about this since i dont have a sense of humor and thats ironic since most people find me amussing..... Sexy santas, reinders, sexy male presents has been used a lot already and checking on mama´s gallery i notice lots of his picture show angels and characters with angel like wings, like cupids

I been waiting to draw such wings for a long time soo i come out with this winged characters!!!! Angels are also part of Christmas (specially around our country) and they are not very used on chritmas art unfortunetlly o_o

He have Mama´s present for this season but he had troubles with the box xD soo in case the present isnt in good conditions anymore hes ready with the Mistletoe as an extra present!!!!

I had to make this pic bit by bit thanks to all the shopping and visit to relatives and stuff.....sorry for the background, backgrounds has never been my strong point xD ...specially Xmas-ish backgrounds or scenarys like that in general since my concept of Christmas this one >_>

Mama, espero te guste o0o y te la pasaras d elo mejor estas fiestas con tus personas favoritas

And finally the awesome background textures comes from HERE!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh god!!!! Just seven days!!! I am soo hyped and soo sad at the same time xDDD and counting every hour until the release D:!!!!

Kyle says at one point that Eve can come back soo aparently theres a big chance that EVE (the real one) is apearing on the game (the red hair singer who calls Aya her "sister"?)

I am soo confused tougth with the monsters......thye are soo odd looking (and not in a good way) and i dont know wath to think about them >_> i wish they keep the monster design from PE 1....

Also i like a lot Kyle voice, Kouichi Yamadera, but to be fair i pretty much like everything about Kyle x3

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yay for exciting titles!!!!!

Anyways, waths up with this update? Nothing new really, but i was looking at my old entrys and i notice something.....i usually post high resolution version of my art, why? Because i want all details stand out and i want the best quality possible in both lineart and color. But looking at my old entrys, most of my arts have been resized and also the colors are all messed up (specially reds).......

Soo i make this post to add a high resolution version of my arts, like a collection of some sort xD. Not all my arts are here, only the ones who suffered this quality drop thanks to blogger image system. First i post the collabs of course:

Thanks to the wonderfull artists who let me use theyr awesome lineart *0*!!!!!

Now my OC:

Now my arts. This part is xD? i find some mistakes on this arts already and i want to fix them, plus the older pictures are just soo full of wrongnes xDDDDD But i´ll just ignore that and post them anyway:

This entry can be easily ignored i know xD but i´ll update with something new soon

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[ kyle madigan] The 3rd Birthday

I am soo HYPED for The 3rd Birthday!!! OMG!!!!! I been waiting a new Parasite Eve game since 2000 D:!!!! I never expect people to even remember this games since are soo obscure, but now the games are even released on PS 3 and PSP in the PS store and they are remaking the soundtracks....and this 3rd Birthday sequel w000ttt!!!!

I always liked Kyle Madina since PE 2, he was quite hunky but he pixelated and didnt even ahd a voice xD now in this 3rd game in the PSP hes soo...."defined" o_o

It first i was going to draw him being raped by tentacles xD but thats soo predictable......also, most of the games appeal revolves around how Aya Brea lose some parts of her outfits when shes hit by a monster, thus once you finish the game she sonly covered by a couple of rags.

Soo why not use this same system with Aya´s husband xD? And this is the result

Theres not a lot of context here aside of the porn, i still dont know if hes really the antagonist of the game o_o soo i struggled a little bit with the background. I finally chose the New York being destroyed by Babel soo theres not a lot new to look at xDDDD (Yes, i am drawing porn of character who´s game still dosnt exist o_________o!!!!)

And i am soo angry at Square D:!!!! This games as well as the first PE are Christmas themed...the scenario is New York at Christmas and the games i coming out in the 22/12 of this year in we need to wait 5 more months >_______________< I WANT MY PARASITE EVE 3 NNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW o0o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *RAGERAGERAGERAGERAGERAGE*

Best opening ever *_*:

Best edning theme ever *_*:

Well, i´ll be back later to to check ll your blog pals x)!!!!!

EDIT: I edited his penis!!!! Looked like ti was in the wrong palce but while checking the photoshop file with no clothes, it was in the rigth place!!!! The udnerwear made the illusion it was missplaced soo i fixed it a little bit xD

Monday, November 22, 2010


..... i post my next picture and someone jumps and says "Oh its Naruto :D" or " Oh Sora ^^".......................

Well, i am not gonna be angry but really sad cus that means i failed portraying the character >_>

Anyway, just to say i am going to post a couple of works soon and a collab as well and i want to rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doign a background!!!! Serisully, i want to travel in time a few hours in the future to have the background finished D:!!!! I been drawing rocks for quite some time and it feels like i bene doing it for hours >________________<

Backgrounds......are mostly ignored but if they are not present, you notice the "void" or "emptynes" >_< why they are soo boring too do and soo har and yet soo nedeed ;o;!!!!!!!!

To all you good people and people who do comics, how do you do it ;0;!!!!!???????

Also another thing i want to talk about. When i color i usually add.....many shadows, shades and colors in between soo i usually have 5-7 versions on of one single color on a picture o_o this can be seen better in this example:

Dosnt looks too busy? For my next picture i am taking it more simple, adding only a shadow and a shade without anything in between xD i dunn but....looks more clean to me. I dont want to have a quality droop o_o soo all the trades and requests are going to have crazy amount of colors xD soo i am going to use the more simplistic look in art for me. Wath do you guys think o_o???

Monday, October 25, 2010


Gabriel begins his journey with the hopes - not of save humanity - but to save his beloved wife who was murdered....but on his travel, Gabriel deffinetly shows a very dark side of him, out of selfish and part of guilt (he murdered his wife) he starts to become stronger, fighting against werewolfs, vampires, zombies and a legion of supernatural creatures. But once his journey ends he notice no one can bring his wife back. It was just a lie from the Brotherhood of Light to make him kill the Lords of Shadows.

Without light and love on his life (Marie) he found himself with no hope. On his journey he beat death himself!!! Soo he cannot be touched by death again, hes immortal and soo forever appart of his wife. He also proof that hs stronger than anyone else defeating the king of the wolfs, the queen of vampires and the rulers of the other world. His Brotherhood and God dont have power over him anymore, they only used him .........

Now he have all the freedom he wants, all the power he wants and he decide to let his inner darknes comes out, to focus on his side as a warrior. He takes comand of all the lower creatures he defeated once and take the castle of the Queen Carmilla - Castlevania - as his new home. To begin his new eternal life he leave his name behind as well to be known as Dracula

His theme xD:

Uggg....quality droop, mistakes, the picture of Carmilla, this was born to counter a art block xDDDD


Once a holy woman, pure of soul and body and the best healer of the kingdom, Carmilla´s sould trascend reality to reach God´s kingdom but wath she left behind changed the human world. Now as a Lord of Shadow and Queen of the vampires, Carmilla reign the colder parts of the wrold and spread death and fear from her palace, Castlevania.

Her theme xD:

I really love the character design of this game! Her pale skin and expressionles face alongside her black robes wraped around her body makes me think on a corpse in a morgue. Plus, her dress still have the look of a nun (she was a holy woman in life) but with a very sensuaul opening....her design looks simple but theres a lot of ideas going on with her!!

OK, i know theres a lot of empty space, theres anatomycal mistakes, some details are off (like the flowers design on her dress) and theres a quality drop but i made this just to kill my artblock xDDDD

Anyways, A WARNING!!!!! My next picture have masive spoilers of Castlevania Lords of Shadow, soo stay away if you dont want to see!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


...because i need you guy/girls/entitys to search and dive in the deepest sides of the interwebs.

I need more pictures (or any info) of this guy:

I been searching for several days already and i need moars pics naaaawwwwww D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was full of doubts if it was rigth to post this now or wait for Halloween!!!! But....i am finding lots of mistakes on this, soo if i dont post it now, i am going to delete it D:

As you can see, i am having a BLAST with Castlevania Lords of Shadow!!! I had to draw Gabriel!!!! I always liked the bishounen style on Castlevania, it fits the game soo well but i was very pleased when i see this new bara charactr design :drool: more similar to the Nes old school Castlevanias than the Ayame Kojima version!!!

This was a lot of fun to do!!!! I had to rebuild his outfit of course to show some more skin xD and his chain whip thingy.....was really tricky to do but i am pleased with his style!!!! Hes deffinetly huge and bulky, but hes not crazy riped and perfectly fit, he have "power muscles" from his fight skillz and not "gym developed muscles" like other guys *cougthkratoscough* and.....hes not hairy, hes just natural with the normal amount of hairs a warrior could have in 1047 AC (i doubt they had a lot of shaved warriors back then...)

And the background, in the background i tried to recreate my second favorite character from the game, the vampires/Frankesntein castle. But i failed to show his imponent and menacing dark beauty u_u plus, those clouds are soo ulgy, seriuslly D: i cant even draw descent clouds!!!!

I dont know wath else to point out. This game was a huge surprise for me, from the gameplay to the magnificent character design and story (with an awesome narration of Patrick Stewart) and, unlike most games now days, this agme is full of puzzles, divided paths and is looooooooooooooooooooong, soo i am pretty sure theres going to be more art of this game (yaoi and not yaoi) from me soon

EDIT: Damn...the quality looks HORRIBLE >_>!!!!
Someone know some way to post the pictures in better quality? Like another site to uplaod them or something like that?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is my entry for the BU AND NAR CONTEST 2010!!!! I was waiting to submit it in september 30 at 11:58PM xDDDDD but ill be a good boy and i submit it now

I chose.....well....videogames as my theme (yes i know i am soo original), soo here is the result, Nar and Bu are dreaming with videogames...or maybe is Bu´s dream that is infecting Nar´s dreams o_o!!!!!

I dunno......the looks like halfway between realism and silly cartoonish xD soo excuse me for the simplistic background but i guess it fits the theme. And....Yes, Bu is missing the mustache, the cap and the shirt, but thats ebcause hes the hero and wants to be all sexy, soo he refuse to sue them!!!

I am not a fan of Nintendo but i wanted very well known characters and a retro style, soo nothing more retro and popular than, Narugi with bowser outfit unf!!!! Thats hawt :drool:

Anyway, i always wanted to draw this two and ill draw them again in the future and.....i was thinking "OK, ill do the shibis in 30 minutes!" but i was soo wrong!! Those chibis take me a while! I need to practice chibis.......well, i dunno, just enjoy i guess

And, i am tired of the PC, soo ill reply all your comments and check your blogs later!!!

Oh yeha, for a High Res version of this, visit my Y! Gallery D:!

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Heiwa To Wahei No Blues

The CD Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Heiwa To Wahei No Blues is out already!!!!

I am soo excited and i am deffinetly going to get it!!! Its VERY expensive o_o but it have brand new tracks and a radio drama thingy all writen by Hideo Kojima, the man behind MGS!!!!

The drama is about Snake and Miller´s missions after the game Peace Walker and the little "affairs" they got...after the "Date with Kaz" mission and the scene in the showers of MSF HeadQuarters involving both characters. basically BoyLove/yaoi storys about Snake and Miller, acted by theyr original actors (Akio Ōtsuka and Tomokazu Sugita)and writen by the original author...Is a must boy for me *3*!!! I am sure someone is going to translate it soon, but in the mean time i have to be satisfied to hear Snake and Miller moans and grunts

Well, thats all for now! I update this place with new art tomorrow, soo sorry for the randomnes xDDD

Friday, September 17, 2010


Lol i am pretty sure than in one year, while navigating in my old entrys i am going to be puzzled at this title XD

Anway, waths with the tittle? Is because of THIS!!!!! , here is a very hawt and entertaining story from TEZ THE MANGUAR

Thanks a lot Tez! I love it *_____________*!!!!

And.....on less important news; this year Tokyo Game Show has been soo boring.....the most shocking thing was the DmC game trailer and of course, this one:

I am soo excited for that game OMG looks soo awesome!!!! I am going to get ti for sure the first day and draw porn of it

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry it take me a while!!!

This is my art trade with the amazing BAHARU, He asked for a sequel of THIS SCENEThe best friends finally arrive to the apartment of one of them and they start to play rougth

Now this take me a while....first because i had a hard time chosing a scene for this!!! First i draw a penetration sex scene but i didnt wanted to "finish" the night soo fast, soo i scraped it, i made a totally new scene that was scraped then i made a third one that can be found here

This scene, i feel is too similar to Baharu´s picture, i wanted something different (but i liked the sketch, soo i didnt delete it xD) and the picture evolved to this art o_o

Real life didnt let me concentrate on this and also i had a couple of anatomy problems.....i am pretty sure this pose is very default, but thanks to the help of all of you guy who give me your opinion, i think i fixed some issues xD

Then i spent a lot of time triying to make this guys looks like the original characters D: and i am not sure if i manage to do it >_> then i kinda panic-ed while drawing the hair xD

And i hate the background soo much, uuugggghhh.....i had to do it two times and still looks bad. I primise than, once i learn how to do REAL backgrounds, i re-visit this art and ill make a good background for it!!!

Well, i am starting to see some details i dont like but i hope you guys like this D: and i hope Baharu like it too!!

Now...ill keep drawing x3 and again, for a better quality and bigger version, visit my Y! Gallery

Friday, August 20, 2010


A new entry soo fast!!! But it sawys fanart, soo since Alex is mine, this means theres no art of mine in this entry xD i just make this as tribute to those who make art of my beloved character Alex!


This picture was done by SABLECHAN! His art manages to be really erotic but kind of cute at the same time, also he have such amazing skillz coloring his art D:!


This piece was done by my friend BODSTART, is of course my character Alex, transforming on his vamprie form and fighting with one of Bostart characters, an Alien. I find this pic incredible cute x3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the artist BAHARU, he is actually one of my all tiem fav artists!!! I was soo excited to get this impresive and epic picture from him xDDDDD

OK, thats all for now!!! Thanks to all this amazing artists!!!! Once i finish some art trades i really want to show more about this character already!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi there!!! A new art today!!!!

This is an art trade with the awesome GIGAN. This trade....take me a long time for different factors: First i didnt had a clear idea of wath to do, i had soo many ideas and i couldnt pick one....i was goint to make Baal being raped in uke mode by Tristam on his room!!!! But thats an scene of ones of Gigan comics, soo i wanted somethign different xD

The i choce Behemoth using a dildo and just before i was going to ink it, Gigan make a comic about that D:!!!!! I wanted to draw Lou Nekosama too!!!!! And i finally end with this image!!!

Herz (the blonde guy) is Gigan (the green hair guy) brother but he was in love of BellaDone, a woman who was killed by his own brother Gigan. To never forget her, Herz sacrifice his eyes and decide to take revenge on his brother. I always liked Herz, hes soo cool and theres not too much about him on Gigans gallery (or maybe tehre is but i lost easily there xD), his relation ship of hate with his bro looked too interesting for me (plus, Gigan is hawt!!) soo this image was born.

Herz is ready to finally take revenge on his brother, maybe is a fantasy of his or even a dream......and hes going to kill his brother, not raping him, rigth? Your a bunch of sick perverts D:
Mmmm......Gigan art is always soo wonderfully colorfull and somehow this pics looks dark and violent xD i feel like Tim Burton after he amde Batman D:

Anyway, i am sure theres loads of anatomyc mistakes, i should really start to get legs references xDDD i really hope Gigan likes this image D: sorry it take me soo long!!!!

I still want to draw more of his character °u° like Lou, Yentis, Tristam, Jillian.....but first ill take care of the other trades xD

Sunday, August 15, 2010


.....but today i went to the Vampires and Werewolfs museum and i loved this D:

I was drooling soo much about it D:!!!!

I learn a lot of stuff! Like how saliva is the representation of the soul and can hurt dark creatures, soo if your attacked by a vampire just spit on him/her and the monster will explode D:

Also Wolfmen are afraid of frogs o_o! If your attacked by a wolf then throw at him a frog and hes going to ran away