Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CHRIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!.....and Dante?

Hi there!!!!!

I am sorry i didnt update before....the last post was totally random xD and i was supposed to send one art peer week, and the last week i didnt finish anything <_<

Truth is that i been having an horrible artblock!!!! And i had the brillant idea of dra Dante from Dante´s Inferno orz. AT firts i tougth he was a very simple character but then......hes full of soo many details!!! Hes shirtles but he got soo many design on his armour and little cartoons on his bandages >_>!!!! And lots of other stuff!!!! And draw THAT much detail with an artblock is...just....NO! lol

I even had to draw the whole Beatrize cross and resize it to slap it on Dante´s hand!!! I suck at drawing straigth lines....and i suck even more while doing paralel lines....and make a cross i just too anoying for my alck of patience xDDDD

I am soo tired of Dante........soo i leave a little preview cus i dont know if i am gonna be able to finish him soon xD

I am having such a hard time with the cartoons on his bandages!!! I dont know wath to draw there anymore xDDDD

Anyway, to put an end to this artbloock i decided to finish my collab with WEREWOOF!!!! Is Chriiiiiiiiiiisssssssss!!!!

Amazing how pretty and awesome looks my color job on someone else lineart :D!!!!!!!! And just in time for me to play the Lost in Nightmares and Desesperate Escape scenarios!!!!

Anyway, i hope you enjoy this update. The next one is gonna be Dante (i hope) or maybe......another character that i want to draw badly.....hes 95% nude and have horns °3°

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yhea, i am not gonna get FF XIII for now ( D:! ) because in the weekend i spent all my FF money - and an extra for other dailly needs - on this

OMG!!!! The Medicom´s Real Action Hero Naked Snake (Cold War version)!!!!! I find him in the most unespected place, in the most unespected day and with the most unespected prize!!!!! I still cant belive it o_o!!!!!

The box is really really cool looking and elegant, with the red Rusian flag at the front and an always beautifull Shinkawa art

The back have the USA flag in the same red tones and it melts with the Rusian flag in the sides with the name of the figure and the MGS 3 logo (you can se eit better on the side photo)

The inside comes with a clear indow to have a good look at Snake and his items. The flap comes with another Shinakwa artwork with Big Boss, and Solid Snake, the Rusian and USA flags and maps and it reads:
COLD WAR: 1945 - 1989
310 mm height!
Faitful realization of Cold War camouflage pattern as seen in the game!
Includes custom gun with suppresser, CQC knife and combat knife!
Includes two right gloves and three left gloves to achive multiple pose!
Also figure stand is included!

The figure and accesorys are the same form the other Snake´s. The head sculpt is more close to the original Shinkawa design than the render of the game. Very detailed and with defined shapes. Snake have an eye patch this time 8like the Coco cap version) but dosnt have face paint. The difference ehre is the paint, hes more thaned than the other figures and is not somethign random because the hands ahve the same skin tone xD. The otehr figures are too pale actually, this one is a little bit more darker than the real game Snake but it have shadows that make him looks more detailed.

The rest of the body is the same, with the extra hands, the gun with suppressor, his CQC knife to fit on one of his hands, his staboo harness and radio. His uniform is very different here, is the most colorfull of all the figures, showing the Russian flag in the front and the USA flag in the back. Of course this is not camouflage, it was an extra outfit designed for weirdnes in the game. The original owner is Volgin and if you appeare i front of the soldiers using this, they dont shot you o_o..... but if they see the back side (the USA flag) they try to kill you harder xDDDD

The back side is soo AWESOME!!!!! I love the colors!!!! Tougth the package feels kinda short without the rifle from the Croco cap Snake, the figures is still impresive and beautifull!!! I feel weird that Medicom makes this considering MGS 3 is an old game now but i hope they keep coming with this kind of products (i wish they make a MGS 2 Snake or a MGS 1 one)

Soo i cant pay for FF XIII now D: but to be honest i dont care, i am soo happy x3333333 Now i have 4 Snakes in my room w0000tttt!!!!

Now i need Chris Refield!!!! CHHHHRRRIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes, another update, soo fast is almost scary o________o!! And is one of my pics of my "preview" xDDDDD (i wonder if someone posted i posted previews xD)

This is my art trade with ARTISTG , He made me an awesome Joe Higashi x3

This two are his characters, Darryl and his older brother Rico xD i had a lot of fun doing this and i learn a few tricks here, i triyed to give less shadows but make the shadows and lights looks lees intrusive with the rest of the pic. Sinc ei think my lineart looked cartoony i triyed a more soft one. And i know that the anatomy looks kinda weird, but i triyed to build extreme shapes in this characters, big muscles and smaller joints to make them looks more like theyr original style (same with the faces)

And i love Artistg eyes D: i had way too much fun drawing the eyes of this two xDDD

Anyway, hope you (and artistg ó_ó) like this x3