Monday, December 17, 2018


Soo, Tumblr has finally decided to commit suicide (something Blogger did years ago) and i am again, not knowing of someone is really going to read this or if there is traffic at all in Blogger anymore.

Everyone have migrated to Twitter but i despise soo much its layout and functions, and besides, adult content will be baned on it probablly next year soo theres not much point on learn to use it. Soo while everyone is over there i am here, in this empty and cold catacomb...maybe is my nature but i feel safer in here.

From now on i will try to give this place a face lift and new design and i will post my arts in here and nothing else, i am not sure if theres too much point on getting more personal in here. I will post my arts at Pixiv as well and Barabox:





To be honest i dont think i post too much at Furaffinity since i dont use to draw furst, soo expect all the movement to be in here, Barobox and Pixiv.

Soo waths been happening to my art in the years out of here? Well, i lost my PC long time ago and got a new one soo getting used to it has been difficult, find the tools to draw digital art has been a strugle to me as well and in the end....i am very very VERY VERY rusty.

Extremelly rusty and in the last years an ocean of new and much much younger artists with impresive skills have been born and drown the internet. I remember 10 years ago how confident and exciting was to post art on the internet but now i been strugling to not feel intimidated by all the artists who has been getting better and better or those 19 years old that draw like veterans animatos from the 90s.

Even with that i wont give up, i will continue draw even if i never reach the levels of those people, i will try to have as much fun as i can soo this post will mark a new begining on this place. The next post will have some artwork to see, i promise.