Monday, October 25, 2010


Gabriel begins his journey with the hopes - not of save humanity - but to save his beloved wife who was murdered....but on his travel, Gabriel deffinetly shows a very dark side of him, out of selfish and part of guilt (he murdered his wife) he starts to become stronger, fighting against werewolfs, vampires, zombies and a legion of supernatural creatures. But once his journey ends he notice no one can bring his wife back. It was just a lie from the Brotherhood of Light to make him kill the Lords of Shadows.

Without light and love on his life (Marie) he found himself with no hope. On his journey he beat death himself!!! Soo he cannot be touched by death again, hes immortal and soo forever appart of his wife. He also proof that hs stronger than anyone else defeating the king of the wolfs, the queen of vampires and the rulers of the other world. His Brotherhood and God dont have power over him anymore, they only used him .........

Now he have all the freedom he wants, all the power he wants and he decide to let his inner darknes comes out, to focus on his side as a warrior. He takes comand of all the lower creatures he defeated once and take the castle of the Queen Carmilla - Castlevania - as his new home. To begin his new eternal life he leave his name behind as well to be known as Dracula

His theme xD:

Uggg....quality droop, mistakes, the picture of Carmilla, this was born to counter a art block xDDDD


Once a holy woman, pure of soul and body and the best healer of the kingdom, Carmilla´s sould trascend reality to reach God´s kingdom but wath she left behind changed the human world. Now as a Lord of Shadow and Queen of the vampires, Carmilla reign the colder parts of the wrold and spread death and fear from her palace, Castlevania.

Her theme xD:

I really love the character design of this game! Her pale skin and expressionles face alongside her black robes wraped around her body makes me think on a corpse in a morgue. Plus, her dress still have the look of a nun (she was a holy woman in life) but with a very sensuaul opening....her design looks simple but theres a lot of ideas going on with her!!

OK, i know theres a lot of empty space, theres anatomycal mistakes, some details are off (like the flowers design on her dress) and theres a quality drop but i made this just to kill my artblock xDDDD

Anyways, A WARNING!!!!! My next picture have masive spoilers of Castlevania Lords of Shadow, soo stay away if you dont want to see!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


...because i need you guy/girls/entitys to search and dive in the deepest sides of the interwebs.

I need more pictures (or any info) of this guy:

I been searching for several days already and i need moars pics naaaawwwwww D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was full of doubts if it was rigth to post this now or wait for Halloween!!!! But....i am finding lots of mistakes on this, soo if i dont post it now, i am going to delete it D:

As you can see, i am having a BLAST with Castlevania Lords of Shadow!!! I had to draw Gabriel!!!! I always liked the bishounen style on Castlevania, it fits the game soo well but i was very pleased when i see this new bara charactr design :drool: more similar to the Nes old school Castlevanias than the Ayame Kojima version!!!

This was a lot of fun to do!!!! I had to rebuild his outfit of course to show some more skin xD and his chain whip thingy.....was really tricky to do but i am pleased with his style!!!! Hes deffinetly huge and bulky, but hes not crazy riped and perfectly fit, he have "power muscles" from his fight skillz and not "gym developed muscles" like other guys *cougthkratoscough* and.....hes not hairy, hes just natural with the normal amount of hairs a warrior could have in 1047 AC (i doubt they had a lot of shaved warriors back then...)

And the background, in the background i tried to recreate my second favorite character from the game, the vampires/Frankesntein castle. But i failed to show his imponent and menacing dark beauty u_u plus, those clouds are soo ulgy, seriuslly D: i cant even draw descent clouds!!!!

I dont know wath else to point out. This game was a huge surprise for me, from the gameplay to the magnificent character design and story (with an awesome narration of Patrick Stewart) and, unlike most games now days, this agme is full of puzzles, divided paths and is looooooooooooooooooooong, soo i am pretty sure theres going to be more art of this game (yaoi and not yaoi) from me soon

EDIT: Damn...the quality looks HORRIBLE >_>!!!!
Someone know some way to post the pictures in better quality? Like another site to uplaod them or something like that?