Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 Thomas Reese Blake, son of a famous hunter and heir of his fortune, once he spent his entire fortune and being a big Batman fanboy, decides to turn into a burglar known in Ghotam City as Catman (turning him into the focus of all of Catwoman/Selina Kyle´s hate), stealing banks and museums juts for the thrill of being pursued by his hero Batman, he even builds up a giant mecha-cat to pilot and steal an egyptian jewell that turn people into cats, but it dosnt matter how elaborated are his cat themed plans, he always ends in Arkham thanks to Batman.

Thats it until Lex Luthor try to rectruit him for his Secret Society of Super Villian and Catman rejects him, with the result of his lion pack in Africa being slaugthered by DeathStroke, Thomas vowed revenge against Luthor and ends joining the mercenary group Secret Six as theyr leader, a group of pretty odd villians who dosnt want to be Luthor minions and starting a mecenary career that goes against the Justice Lague and all other supervillian.

Like i already said in my last entry, i dont read comics at all tough in 2005 i started read the mini serires Villains United and later on i jump into the sequel long serires Secret Six. Gail Simone writing was pretty fats, fun and livelly tough while i enjoyed it, my main reason to read them was Catman, he was such a sexy and intense character i even read other comics he appeared as guest (like Birds of Prey, Red Robin, etc....). Not only he was really manly and sexualized, but he was such a dark and troubled man as well who was always facing the worst of situations. And most of those worst situations came in the shape of women....specially Chesire. And the oposite can be said for the men of his life, specially Deadshot who ends having with him an incrediblly bromance.

As a side note, Catman is bisexual, i mean canon and officially bisexual. And with all that said, no one draws him....there is literally no Rule 34 of him and that really astonish me until today.

Soo i really wanted to give some love to this lonely and totally ignored husbando who deserves all the porn of the world with all the supervillians and herores from the Justice League (specially his crush Batman). 

Tough i really changed my style to adapt it to Nicola Scott style. Her art is soo amazing and the issues she did for Secret Six are my favorite soo far, tough my skills fall short for such a feat, "good american comic book" style is much more difficult to handle than i tough.

Also i divided each of his costume parts in layers, to make variants soo i ended up with 150 different layers and a HUGE file and...really, how do you people draw a picture with soo many variations in pose and costume??? This was such a strugle for me, i dont know if i will do this again, modern artists really got all my respect.

The background was soo troublesome too, specially the banister with gargoyles in the back and i ALMOST forget to draw the reflection of Catman on the glass (reflectins since each variation have a different one), overall i spent way too much time on this and almost scrap it half way given the HUGE work it involved.

But, the idea to draw this hunky stud ignored by 99% of humanity keep me going, he really is worth it. I may draw him again tough in a much more simple set up. I really want to draw something more simple next (tough i am sure i wont).

Again, the HD version of this can be found at Pixiv and Y!Gallery.

Sunday, December 12, 2021


 I am not really into comics at all, i rarelly tocuh one every few months but one of my very favorite is Nocturnals, by Dan Brereton and sometimes i wonder if i am the only one who reads them because find his books is extremelly difficult and expensive and still i hasnt meet too much people who knows the title and thats a damn shame, because it mix the noir with Lovecraft horror, gangster action with supernatural elements and the most autumnal characters and Halloween athmosphere. Really, this is the perfect comic book for every Halloween.

The Nocturnals are a group of monsters lead by Doctor Nicodemus Horror who lives on a cementery and have to keep theyr place in bewteen the criminal bands of the city while at the some time face the horrors of the night that prey on humans. While Doc Horror is an extremelly hunky DILF i always got more interested on Procyon Cleanhands, also known as Bandit. An hybrid between man and raccon that was developed on a laboratory of genetic enginering, he escapes captivity along other mutant hybrids and start a life of crime in the city.

He ends being one of the most feared names in the streets given how feral and savage he is but also how cunning and thougfull, he even wants to take the place of Doc Horror as the Nocturnals leader tough ends forming a friendship with them thanks to him falling in love of Starfish, Doc Horror´s mermaid bodyguard that keeps punching Bandit on the face each time he trys something towards her.

There is very few fanart of Nocturnals and i am pretty sure this is the very first NSFW as well, wich is ironic given how the comic focus mostly on the womans shape, i hope Dan Brereton dosnt kill me for sexualizing his hunky racoon man.

I know its been a long time since i post something but i been waiting to draw Bandit for years and given theres literally no fanart of him out there i tough i had to give it a try but it was really intimidating....Dan Brereton art is soo fantastic and amazing, at first i tough mimic his art style but i could never do such a thing soo i ended interpreting the character with my own style and while this dosnt fully look like i wanted and i almost dont post it, even with all its imperfections, i worked too much on this and give my best.

Draw is harder for me than ever before, but little by little i hope i can achive the level i want to reach eventually and i will start a new illustration inmedietly to at least update this place each month.

Sunday, July 25, 2021



A day ago my best friend died. He was really noble, smart and wise as well as really stuborn and wanted things done his way. He was a wild beast really and my confident since the very first moment we meet. I talked with him a lot and he listened to me and i promised to take care and protect him always.

I dont know if i did a good job by doing it, but he made me company for 8 years. Last thing i said to him was how much i love him and i was beside him the last time he breaths. Its been just a single day and i miss him deeply now i feel him distant and i hate that.

I remember the furst time i took him to the park and how he took sun bath outside our apartment while played Vita besides him. I remember the time he bite my nose and pee on me while i was cleaning him. How thin he was and how much he grows fat slowlly.

In this days, 3 years ago, his younger sister died and as silly as it this i hope that somehow are together in someplace and i hope i see them again in the end.

I really dont want to turn this place into a kind of cementery of mine. I am sorry for those who still follow this place tough maybe this place is already a cementery, an empty space with many mamories.

Thursday, May 20, 2021


 In 1998 i read a videogames magazine with an article about a game called "Sword of the Berserk", a very favorable review soo as soon as the game was out on the Dreamcast, i got it. It was dark, edgy and very complex as i learn it was based on an anime and manga of the name Berserk, soo i started read the manga in a small traslation site that posted a chapter for a week, removed that chapter and added the next one.

I read the story little by little and with a messed up order, and still it was the most intense thing i ever read on comic format. Not only it was heavy on horror, but in emotions too, with characters as strongly deffined as mountains, even the smallest character was easy to identify and care.

Never i ready anything that had soo may horror lurking on every page, on every emotion, on every action even in places that seemed totally harmless and never i read somethign that let me feel the void and lonelines of the main character toward the savage world around him.

I wondered for years, why people is not talking about this? Why theres no movie on a definitive anime addaptation? How can this be soo ignored by most people? 

Years later they made the movie version of the Golden Age and they started to publish the manga (in my country) and suddenly Berserk was no longer that brillant jewel hidden on a cave and still, it never lose its soul and intensity, never cosidered its readers idiotic or rushed things out, quiet the opposite, Berserk is as full of misterys and as vast as the ocean.

Kentaro Miura died this very month, wich means Berserk will be forever hidden on a shoroud of misterys, of questions of no answear. Kentaro Miura let us explore its amazing world for 30 years and now he closed the window and took with him the voices of Guts and the rest of the characters that surround him.

For many years i made a lot of assumptions of how the story would end but i am pretty sure non are correct. Miura sayd he already had the ending planed but i wonder if thats true....maybe there was no ending? Maybe is better like this? I sure hope they dont make another artists continue Berserk, is pretty pointless at this point mention Miura´s amazing art and how everything would be for nothing without his master hand.

Its been a 20 years travel for me and it finally gets to a clousure. I will read the 40 volumes again and soo far, the most expensive items on my collection belong to Berserk, i think it will be relevant for the rest of my life and the life of many i hope but without it, the industry of the japanese comic is REALLY in trouble. Not in money trouble since they have Naruto and One Piece, but they lack a tittle as meaningfull and rich as Berserk.

"He died doing what he wanted, no matter what, right? I bet he was happy."- Guts

Saturday, May 30, 2020


A couple of years ago i played Toukiden in the PS Vita and i really liked it, it was much more simplistic than Monster Hunter, i loved the yokai and oni theme and the awesome graphics as well. Now i wonder if i am the only one who played it or if someone still remember this game?? But aside of all that, it seems Tecmo Koei always design pretty sexy looking male character, something i really apreciate.

From all the good looking men in the game, my favorite was deffinetly the leader of the Oni Slayers, the 51 years and extra hunky Yamato. He is not playable and dosnt follow the player to the battlefield (tough he does it in Toukiden Kiwami) but you can meet him in the onsen of Utakata Villague and bath with him.

This is were i took the idea for this drawing, Yamato arriving to the onsen and undressing to get into the hot water. I love how nicelly designed he is despite not being a protagonist and i really wanted people to notice him. I doubt someone else draw him after this but i can dream.

I enjoyed a lot drawing him of course, hes terriblly sexy and it was easy to handle him, tough i had the most troubles with the background, i really strugle to make it look like an onsen with vapor mixing with nature and i ended doing a lots of layers. Forgive me for the awkard result!!

Monday, July 29, 2019


Six years ago a no human creature started living in my house. She was tiny, ful of live and playfull and keep me company all the time. She wasnt anoying or destructive but she was only there, keeping me company and listening to me.

I also find out the incredible joy or establishing a comunication link with a non human creature, something i never expect before. I learned to undesratnd her wath bothered and viceversa. She did lactually understood me somehow, something my fellow humans do not.

And she also made me smile. Not a forced smile when you say "good motning" to the neighbour's or clients. I wasnt able to contain the urge to smile when she was playing with my headphones or wanted me to pet her while i was watching TV.

When she climbed to my bed and fall asleep on top of my belly or looked at me trough the window of my room when i leave in the morning and when i came back in the afternoon, she was there, in the window, waiting for me. There is soo many things i cannot forget about her.

Exactly this day, a year ago, she died and leave a big empty space in my life. I dont know if its stupid to miss an animal soo much but i still cry for her now and then and i am actually afraid that time pass by. I feel like the more time pass, she is somehow more and more far away and i hate it.

I know i said this place was going to be completelly dedicated to my art but i want her to leave a print in this blog as well, just a tiny little print compared with the gigantic colossal Godzilla size print she leaves on my soul.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Hello whoever read this!! I bring a new fanart of mine, like i said, i am going to turn this site only for my art and i will produce new pieces as aften as i can, promise!!

This time is Zangetsu from Bloodstained, that character with Snake´s David Hayer voice and a character i feel in love since the first images of him were released!! I love this hunky demon hunter and this picture let me notice how amazing is his character design. I had a lot of details to do in here and troubles for the lack of reference images!!

I didnt wanted to spent a lot o time in the background too since that woul take me a lot of time and i really wanted to start the Rule 34 of this character. There is no porn of Zangetsu!! I cant belive it!! How come theres LOADS of porn of the childish guy from the Pokemon game that is not out yet but theres nothing of this stud?? I cant understand humans at all...

Well, as much as a challengue this was, i had a lot of fun doing this. I hope i can post a new art sooner this time.