Sunday, July 25, 2021



A day ago my best friend died. He was really noble, smart and wise as well as really stuborn and wanted things done his way. He was a wild beast really and my confident since the very first moment we meet. I talked with him a lot and he listened to me and i promised to take care and protect him always.

I dont know if i did a good job by doing it, but he made me company for 8 years. Last thing i said to him was how much i love him and i was beside him the last time he breaths. Its been just a single day and i miss him deeply now i feel him distant and i hate that.

I remember the furst time i took him to the park and how he took sun bath outside our apartment while played Vita besides him. I remember the time he bite my nose and pee on me while i was cleaning him. How thin he was and how much he grows fat slowlly.

In this days, 3 years ago, his younger sister died and as silly as it this i hope that somehow are together in someplace and i hope i see them again in the end.

I really dont want to turn this place into a kind of cementery of mine. I am sorry for those who still follow this place tough maybe this place is already a cementery, an empty space with many mamories.

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