Monday, December 8, 2014


This weekend was pretty busy because Benjamin Lacombe visited my city and of course i had to be there.

He was on a big library giving autographs along side his boyfriend Sebastien Perez and if you where one of the first 20, he could make an illustration just for you!!! Of course i NEEEEDED a picture of him and wanted to see him working in front of me and i remember a spanish girl last year, who went to a library on her city one and a half hour before the arrival of Lacombe to get one of this illustrations.

I was stupid enough to arrive 6 hours before the arrival of Lacombe to be sure i was the first on the line and in fact i was the number 80… the first 20 people in the line arrived 5 hours before me…

But i decided to wait anyway as a proof of my stupidity. The people of the library let the first 20 humans to go in for theyr illustration and they started to let “other people” to mix with those 20 for a certain amount of money. Benjamin Lacombe was like “OK, i am done! 20 illustrations…” but he still had other 6 or 8 people waiting and after do a couple of drawings, he still had 6 or 8 …

He worked for 4 hours straight while we waited on the street and under the night sky.

By this point i should have left. I am up to wait 11 hours for him to do me a illustration but just for an autograph?? It wasnt very logic.

At 10 pm i was finally in front of him and he wasn happy at all (like us either) but he was pretty polite and nice. He give me his autgraph and drew me a cat on Tales of the Macabre and i got another autograph of him and his boyfriend at Genealogy of a Witch.

I am pretty happy i was able to meet him and exchange a few words with him and Sebastien Perez but this kind of events are really not working rigth here at Mexico. Wait for 11 hours and not be able to be one of the first on the line is a pretty obvious sign thats something´s wrong.

Something´s always wrong if you dont pay to be the first f have influences at all.

Lacombe did more than 20 illustrations for 4 hours and attended a master class at the university a few hours earlyer and yet he was pretty nice and let me take a photo with him.

And he did this for 5 days in a row.

The organisation was pretty awfull but i wonder wath does Lacombe think about Mexico now. He was expecting 30 humans to show up to see him but instead he had 200 each day. I am pretty sure is kind of terifiying to find out theres soo many people following your work in another continent.

I wish i had the chance to exchange some wors with Sebastien as well. He didnt pick as much attention as Lacombe did but he was always helping him with his art tools and was pretty nice to sign some of the books too. At one point he autograph a book that wasnt writted by him and Lacombe was pissed off.

I really love the great team they do. One writte the storyes and the other one illustrate them. Creating something as amazing as this books alonge side with your partner sounds so unique. I never expect boyfriends to be this helpfull!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Months ago i watched the movie Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary and i had a big rush of "inspiration". Now i had this on the work for some months ago because i had to finish the commissions first but i am happy to finally be able to show this!!!

Aioria, the gold saint of Leo was one of my favorite saints since the anime came out and i was pretty excited to see him in the movie!! I loved his new design (i actually liked a lot all the re-design) and how cute and hairy they did him for a change.

Here is the trailer:

I was actually aming to do something simple but the very few gold armour pieces took me ages!!! After Gabriel´s boots and this i am really starting to develope a hate for metalic objects. The background is pretty odd but i didnt wanted to spent hours on it since i know most people dosnt care backgrounds at all.

I have another saint on the works but after this maybe i leave him alone and focus on someone with no metal objects...