Saturday, March 14, 2009


So yhea...basically RE 5 is out. Ill be reciving my copy the next week soo i only played the demo. I am actually nervious....Capcom gives us the 2 worst RE games in the last years.

RE 4 had a neat character design and good graphics. I been fooling around with all the RE games in the last weeks and i can see how RE started to feel boring...RE 0 was great but yet it was kinda repetitive. The saga needed a evolution and fast and RE 4 bring a good evolution in gameplay. While Leon still moves like a tank, the camera and shoot mechanics are really fresh and can deliver ome fun moments. Sadly, everything else was incredible mediocre at best.

The music was the most generic and less memorable of all the RE games. The first third part of the game, the Village, was really spooky and fresh but the rest of the game is soo INCREDIBLE repetitive. It tooke me 6 months finish it...not because it was hard, but because i was soo tired to enter in the same room over and over and fight agains millions of monks with the same voice and animation. The girl with big boobs is abducted, you sabe her, then shes abducted again, you found her again and then they took her old RE games you had the chance to complete the puzzles at different moments or chose other paths (like in RE 3 Nemesis) But RE 4 is deffinety the most linear and less inspiring game. The story looks like they made it in a couple of hours 2 weeks before the release......all the characters are strereotypes of many other characters, with Sadler as the generic monk who wants to conquer the world and Ada, no more a cold industrial spy, now she is a James Bond girl who can figth agaisnt many monsters in a cooktail dress and high heels. Leon looks great, but is probablly the most generic and cartoonish can throw Godzilla in the midle of the village and hes only "o-o Asley, i am going to save you"

The game turns out to be a nice action game with some "cool" moments and a repetitive gameplay and also the worst horror game

The Capcom make RE Umbrella Chronicles. They basically put the whole RE story in one game, removing all wath it makes it good: the tension, the exploring, and suspense. And they add.....well....gun blasts <_< they repeate pretty much everything....but to make it mor in the tone of RE 4; with this i mean they add lots more action and they delete HUGE parts of the story, they delete characters, they give a robotic voice to Nemesis and they add a final brand new chapter that come out with a great plot twists: destroy a computer soo Umbrella can die....and they bring new monsters: a Kingdom Hearts version of Mr.x all in disco fashion, a robot and a Tyrant with a penor in the mouth.

Strangelly Capcom is making anpother new game like this"Umbrella Dark Chronicles" wich include all the erased storys (like RE 2) and a more simple gameplay (now the game aim for you, you just push a button to shot in the rigth moment)

After such simple and midcles (and best sellers) RE games, i am really afraid of RE 5

Soo far the story looks good, is about Umbrella again, tehres Jill and other interesting old characters but i feel woo abd to see many repetitive elements (theres El Gigante again). The gameplay in the demo is good (the same of RE 4, is not inovative but is the natural gameplay for a sequel and works fine) and Shinji Mikami, creator of RE, already say that ehs not going to play it, cus he wants to play a horror game, not a casual gamer shooter >_> .....

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh jajajajajaj

I want to kill!!!!

Waths the difference between a good and peacefull person and a stupidlly too good and coward person??

We are blind for the rage we fell now? Or are we blind fo the love of the past to give a lesson it must give?

Wth to do wehn you care and love someone / something and you hate that same thing / person at the same time??