Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As depresive as that title is, this may be the last post on this blogg.

Google is kicking us out. Blogges was already pretty empty compared to Tumblr and other places but now, is going to be a ghost ship without the porn. I am sure Google is going to sink it to open a "bigger and better" service later but for now, we who dedicate to porn, need to leave this place.

I am not sure if i am going to delete all the porn and just use this place as a standar blogg. Its going to be much more emptyer than it is now. Or just leave it like this and just been read by people who send me theyr mail.

I am also tempted to use Tumblr as my main gallery but given how very little i know about HTML i am sure i am not gonna be able to redesign it for such porpuse.

If theres still someone who read this place, please tell me your opinions!!! This place has been online for 8-9 years already. Should i let it go?

Friday, January 2, 2015


The holidays are over!!!!

One more year has died and a new one has born. To those who still read this lonely place; i thank you deeply and i really hope you had holidays full of fun and loads of food and presents!!! Is not like i dont care you people….is just that this last few weeks have been soo busy.

Visiting familly, staying for hours at the traphic, staying for hours at stores and not finding the presents, hunting for food, i got sick and get healed and a few days later i got sick again, my mother was on an assault and they stole her phone…

It seems like a bad end of year but it was just crazy and normal i guess if you live in a huge city like Mexico.

We had a pretty rainy christmas for once and i didnt eat too much (OMG) because i am a pig and i dont need more fat.

Soo i start this new year with brand new hopes. First one is being asexual. I already lose a lot of time with guys and i certainlly dont want to try with girls soo i am done with humans. This year there will be no guys for me.

And secondlly; be a better artists. Learn better anatomy and how to paint properlly. I have a lot to improve and this is the best moment as any to start focusing on my art as a whole.
Lets have a fresh start.

And this is the first drawing of the year.

Ans is a nude man. And is Tekken. Sorry, i could not help it: