Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi people!!!!

I am veyr sorry i could not keep with the updates like i was doing. This month has been quite busy since the very begining and also i had the visit of death. A member of my familly is gone now. The sadnes and memories remain but this is just a natural step in life. Gladlly i never see death like something bad but the issues and troubles between the remaining members of my familly remain, ugghhh...

Soo, i dont feel very talkative latelly...i didnt feel too much in porn mode either and Batman Arkham City has been on my desk for 2 weeks without being touched

Tomorrow i will leave my city for a short trip. Some friends and i will be visiting a cold and very small and unknown town. I will be missing my halloween marathon of heach year...i wanted to see soo many movies but i really want to go out of the city x3

Ill be back in two days, back to reply all your wonderfull messages x3 ill be continue living and drawing like i was a few days ago. Time cant stop x3 soo see ya next week <3

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yup....this last days i been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary and it was...brutal.....i dont remember Underworld or Legend be THIS HARD!!!!! One of the most sadic games i ever played but i lived the old school feeling on it

Anyway, i was inspired as well for the game in a different way xD i remember a guy i liked a lot from the very begining (of Anniversary of course), one of Laras rivals, Larson Conway

I loved this guy *0* i just wish he was on the game more time D:!!! All characters in Anniversary only appeare a couple of times also Laron had such sad ending >_< .... he was such a hot and cute guy only doing his job...he even helped Lara escape and didnt kill her when he had the chance, and yet, time later, Lara killed him in such a cruel way >_<....and it wasnt self defence, she killed him for a fuse D:!!!!

First thing i did after that cutscene was throw her from a cliff....

Anyway, excuse the ugly background again, and the size of the Scion xD i didnt planed to give too much time to this anyway

Mmmm...maybe i should do Alistair and Zip porn next?

Friday, October 14, 2011


OK, soo theres two versions of NG 2, the normal one for 360 and the SIGMA one for PS 3. One of the changes for the PS 3 one is the lack of blood o_o (it seems the game works better withou it )!!!!!

Soo since people has been asking for a less bloody version, here is the Sigma view of the same pic xD

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Soo...another update? Soo fast!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Dont get too used to it, i had this one done sometime before Kratos!!! I was just keeping it because i didnt want to spam you with PORN D:

Soo, some of you could know this but i rescently been addictied to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The game is pretty awesome, have neat graphics and animation, a nice and silly story, loads of weapons, monsters that looks like Go Nagai creation, cool outfits and an amazing battle system

Is deffinetly one of the best action games i ever played D: and very few games show theyr hate for the player like this game: Loads of enemys on screen, the normal enemies can shot projectiles and they can teleport, invencible bosses, very expensive health items....tougth the game was easyer than NG S 1....

Anyway, yesterday i finally reach the number of 12 177 enemies killed!!!! It was hard but now i am done with this game and of course, i HAD to do fan art of Ryu Hayabusa

This beggins totally different...but eventually turned in this straigth forward scene xD

Uggh....the nature looks soo cartoony!!!! And the moon looks weird and theres a lot of inconsitency (like how innacurate looks the falcoon claws)....but i try my best to reproduce Tokyo Sky City feeling, my deffinetly favorite scenario of the game!!!! And Ryu is soo HAWT!!!!! Why you people dont draw him D:? I am soo shocked >_>.....

Battle damage!!!!!! Everything is better with Battle damage, hu :D? I wish Ryu show more skin like the ladys Rachel and Ayane but truth is that his outfit is already pure fanservice o_o And yhea...i have a blood fetish, soo wath >:U?

And Falcoon Claws weapon just because they are the sexyest weapon in a ny videogame >_< i used them a lot

And to finish this i post NGS 2 credits soo you guy can see Ryu Hayabusas sexynes on all his glory and maybe try to draw him too o0o

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Oh i dont have any imagination anymore for the title...i am very tired, i am sorry xD

Soo...a new update!!!! Is time to celebrate xDDD

I been working on this for a loong time....and somehow is one of the pics i did many times. I am not a big fan of Kratos but i was asked this as a request long time ago. I triyed to get as close as i could to the request details and yet i changed Kratos position over and over again....i experimented with many face expressions but they didnt looked rigth....the only one that fited him was " >:[ "

Half the way the file was corrupted soo i ahd to start all over again....and also, while hes almost nude, this guy have a lot of chains and details and i HATE drawing chains xDDDD

Uuggghhh the background...and the other characters...i dunno, make me wish i spent more time on it but if i did it, i would end reseting the whole image. Soo, i hope you like it and excuse any mistake or inconsitency D:

I didnt miss the chance to do it a censoring. But theres an uncensored version of course

Uuugg, tehres a lot of stuff i dont like in this picture....gladlly, Kratos is not one of them soo i guess is not that bad xD?

This pic make me find out an answer of a question i always had....why is God of War soo disturbinglly popular? It dosnt have the best story our there, Kratos is fun but is soo plain....theres better action/hack & slash games out there in terms of gameplay soo why GoW produce orgasms to every single gamer in the world?

The asnwer was soo simple, why i never see it D:?????!!!!

Is the sex mini games o-o