Thursday, November 5, 2009


Oh!! my fingers are in such pain...i been playign Tekken a lot and drawing and the works seems to keep growing aroiund me xD

This is just a little preview of some of my pics. This are aprt of the sketch, not the lineart and some of them can be changed (or never see the daylight o_o)

Soo yhea, its just a little something to see if people can notice who are this guys xDDD theres no prize, just the fun to try to figure them out xD

Some are kinda obious :B

Monday, November 2, 2009

TEKKEN 6!!!!!!!!!


Now i am goign to ignore the real world and play Tekken until i am sick of it Dx

Lol, joke.......or is it o_o?

Hey Tekken 6 is here!! I cant belive after the loooong 4 years wait the new Tekken is here!!!! This series has been soo awesome for me and it was my favorite fight franchise for soo many years (but now Soul Calibur wants to beat it) and it was Tekken 3 the one that make me a fight game fan!!!!

This Tekken 6 its soo weird...its awesome but have some flaws: The costumization its sooo limited, just like in tekken 5 they give you a limited amount of items and many colors of each one but each color cost lotsa money!! You can see the characters nude or create fighters like Soul Calibur IV ;^;

Also, the graphics.....looks good in motion but once they stop to move they looks cartoony....comapred to Soul Calibur IV they looks really inferior (or maybe SC IV was ahead of its time?), the game looks more like Tekken 5 in High Definition and since all the characters are using the same clothes from Tekken 5 it feels soo much like deja vu.

The game still have some impresive visuals, and judge it by the grapics would be shallow, the gameplay its soo swet and the whole style and character design (Howarang here looks soo incredible and unbelivable sexy and rapable D8)!!!!

The game is not as impresive or effective as the last Tekkens but still its one awesome action packed and deep fight game!!!!