Thursday, February 12, 2009


A couple of days ago i went to the cinema to see CORALINE

Is a movie absed on a Neil Gaiman book and directed by the Nigthmare Before Chritmas director and is made in stop motion (animation frame by frame using toys as actors) and not only that, but is on 3D!!!

Coraline is a litle adventurous girls who just moved to a new house but is bored, cus her aprents are always working and the neigthbours are kinda.....weird but still boring. Then one day she find a small door on her living room and at the other side tehres a palce just like her home, but her toyc can talk, everything is clean, the garden is beautifull and the food is always candys and cakes!!! There she find her aprents...her "other parents". They are like her real aprents but they have buttons instead of eyes and they are always funny and pay attention to her.

This looks perfect untill Coraline find out that her other mother have other kids there....kid she kill, and also she wants to sew buttons in Coraline eyes!!!

The movie is really long and the animation is soo stuning!!! the colors are wonderfull and the toys actors are great, with such mezmerising design and lively acting.

I read the book and the story is really really close to the book but with added scenes and elements. Like the new character, Weaby. He is Coraline neigthbour too but hes not in the book. I tougth he was going to be distracting but he turns out to be a really interesting and apealling character, and while he dosnt enters into the "action" he helps a lot to build the feeling of the movie.

The story have elemtns of Alice in Wonderland but with really deep and kinda disturbing elements (witches, kids abduction, ghosts, Coraline have to find kids eyes, alternative universes) and it have a wonderfull and great message behind. The music deservs mention since is really beautifull, soo lovely and charming at times and soo spooky and creppy at othr moments.

My favorite characetr was the "other mother", shes soo charming and cute at first and then she turns out something really evil...and her final mutation into the final boss is soo beautifull and creppy!!! The movie is full of "OMG D= "scenes, twists and adventures it really feels amazing xD

I love this movie soo much x3 i hope some of you guys can see it, specially in 3D, its a totally diffeent experience x3