Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yyyhhheeeaaaa....i have a lot of topics to talk about soo instead of making a new entry for each one, ill post them all in here xD

Firts: OMFG i am soo excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YYYEEEESSSSS thank you Namco for show my favorite character soo early in the trailer and he looks sooo HAWT!!!!! OMG <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Ehem....secondly is art stuff. I did a collab with Naruto87/Abbe some days ago!!

Yup!!!! Rival Schools. I must say i LOVED to draw this two!!!!! I like to explore more the school life of this hunky characters soon!!!!!

For the colored version you can visit NARUTO87 GALLERY

Also i am working on an illustration for an artbook......i have only two days to finish it and i am not sure if i am going to be able to post it in here, since its a fanart of a webcomic, and i am not sure if the owner want his characters to be associated place of mine xDDDD

Anyway, i leave a little teaser and if i am able to post it ill do it later x3

Oh this year went soo fast......i was supposed to do a raunchy Christmas themed artwork but i am not sure if i am gonna do it......wath do you guys think? Could you accept a Xmas art present even if its posted on january? This month didnt leave me too much time for art and i was giving all my free time to the Secret Santa and the artbook image

Aaaaanyway, thanks to this i wasnt able to check your places either. I am very sorry guys m(_-_)m!!!! Ill do it later as well as reply to my comments!!!!

And...i wanted to ask, wath do you guys think about the videogame Yakuza xDDDD? I think it has been around since the PS 2 era but i never played it, but it alays looked inetresting. Its worth playing it xD?

I think thats all for now, take care and happy new year!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is my Secret Santa present for MAMA!!!!!!!

He asked something Christmas-ish, like a sexy nutcraker, but of course i wasnt going to use that not soo suprise idea xD and no nudity!!!!! Something funny too- i dunno about this since i dont have a sense of humor and thats ironic since most people find me amussing..... Sexy santas, reinders, sexy male presents has been used a lot already and checking on mama´s gallery i notice lots of his picture show angels and characters with angel like wings, like cupids

I been waiting to draw such wings for a long time soo i come out with this winged characters!!!! Angels are also part of Christmas (specially around our country) and they are not very used on chritmas art unfortunetlly o_o

He have Mama´s present for this season but he had troubles with the box xD soo in case the present isnt in good conditions anymore hes ready with the Mistletoe as an extra present!!!!

I had to make this pic bit by bit thanks to all the shopping and visit to relatives and stuff.....sorry for the background, backgrounds has never been my strong point xD ...specially Xmas-ish backgrounds or scenarys like that in general since my concept of Christmas this one >_>

Mama, espero te guste o0o y te la pasaras d elo mejor estas fiestas con tus personas favoritas

And finally the awesome background textures comes from HERE!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh god!!!! Just seven days!!! I am soo hyped and soo sad at the same time xDDD and counting every hour until the release D:!!!!

Kyle says at one point that Eve can come back soo aparently theres a big chance that EVE (the real one) is apearing on the game (the red hair singer who calls Aya her "sister"?)

I am soo confused tougth with the monsters......thye are soo odd looking (and not in a good way) and i dont know wath to think about them >_> i wish they keep the monster design from PE 1....

Also i like a lot Kyle voice, Kouichi Yamadera, but to be fair i pretty much like everything about Kyle x3