Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hi there! How are we today :3? I hope you wonderfull people are having a great time now x3

In the last weeks i been drawing...a lot.....but a lot for other people, collabs mostly that cannot be posted until the other artist is done with them but finally i have somethign to show!!! Is Fared, as a celebration of the birthday of my dear friend Yelmo in Y! Galleru x3

I had this ready weeks ago but i wasnt able to post it until his birthday was close xDDDD And is sure close now!

I must say i had a lot of fun with this one...i liked a lot the design of this character, way too sexy and cool and i was excited to draw...animal legs...and no bother about legs anatomy!!! Oh how wrong i was D: animal legs needs anatomy as well....but it was still very fun, its the first satyr/faun i ever draw (but not the last deffinetly). And the extra version of course:

I hope he likes it and have fun on his birthday day x3!!!

Well, thats it for now, i already reply all my comments now the art!!! I hope i can come up with new finisedh art as soon as posible! See ya!!