Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sheamus has been defeated and hes tasting more than the fist of his rival!!

I feel soo dirty!!!! Now i am drawing real life human beings!!! I wonder wath whoudl he thinks if he look at this. I hope he "likes" it and masturbate to it....

OK, stop thinking more dirty!!!! This is a gift for a friend who likes Sheamus. I never tough anythign naugthy about this guy before he told me but i had a lot of fun doing this!

Soo i been drawing again....or should i say, posting again. I really never stoped doing art. I draw a lot on the 3DS and my sketch books. I just didnt do anything worth posting at all. Soo wath happened? Well, i actually get interested in humans.

I notice i spent hours and hours and hours, literally, inside my room, drawing even in weekends at night. Theres nothing wrong with it at all, i actually love it. But also i kind of feel lonely, way way too lonely. Soo i decided to end my activitys and focus on writing, drawing on traditional media and also meet guys.

This sounds soo lame...but yhea, i felt like i was drawing the same guy, even if they characters i draw where totally different, i felt like i was drawing someone i wanted. I guess that happends with everyone who draws erotic.

Soo all this time i meet a lot of guys of all ages and styles and i leanr i am not meant to be with humans. I......really...cant understand them at all. I tough meeting guys would be normal but i am in complete oblivion about them. I have no idea how to even start talk to them:

I send them messages with a "hi, how are you?" and sometimes i send them messages triying to be original like asking them if i can draw them since they inspire me a lot. I get one reply out of ten messages.

They sometimes send me a message and ask for my wathsapp and they never talk to me ever again. I say "hello" and i get a "hello" back from them, i ask them stuff of theyr job or theyr home or hobys and they never talk to me anymore. Sometimes they block me as well. I even tried to date guys that i dont like physically (didnt wanted to be superficial) and i got just a big lack of interest from both sides.

One of them wanted to meet me soo we meet and he arrived with all his friends and made me feel terrible awkard. Some other one stoped talking to me in the moment i ask a date.The wolf guy i liked soo much stoped talking to me since i stoped sending him porn. I send them a lot of messages and i tire them, then i stop sending messages and they forget all about me.

I always tough the "dont worry, just be yourself" trick was the rigth answear but is not, being myself dosnt help me at all not a little bit.

The real answear to get love is actually being hunky, fit, handsome and sexy.

In a few words; i am extremelly tired to try to pick theyr attention dancing around and jumping like an idiot. Theres something missing my logic, i know. But to be honest i dont give a damn anymore.

I dont write this to get any sympathetic reaction, i just wanted to write it soo i dont forget it and to leet you peopel know that i am going to be back at posting artwork in regular basis again (as long as my OLD PC let me)!!!!