Monday, July 29, 2019


Six years ago a no human creature started living in my house. She was tiny, ful of live and playfull and keep me company all the time. She wasnt anoying or destructive but she was only there, keeping me company and listening to me.

I also find out the incredible joy or establishing a comunication link with a non human creature, something i never expect before. I learned to undesratnd her wath bothered and viceversa. She did lactually understood me somehow, something my fellow humans do not.

And she also made me smile. Not a forced smile when you say "good motning" to the neighbour's or clients. I wasnt able to contain the urge to smile when she was playing with my headphones or wanted me to pet her while i was watching TV.

When she climbed to my bed and fall asleep on top of my belly or looked at me trough the window of my room when i leave in the morning and when i came back in the afternoon, she was there, in the window, waiting for me. There is soo many things i cannot forget about her.

Exactly this day, a year ago, she died and leave a big empty space in my life. I dont know if its stupid to miss an animal soo much but i still cry for her now and then and i am actually afraid that time pass by. I feel like the more time pass, she is somehow more and more far away and i hate it.

I know i said this place was going to be completelly dedicated to my art but i want her to leave a print in this blog as well, just a tiny little print compared with the gigantic colossal Godzilla size print she leaves on my soul.

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Franciswolf said...

It's not stupid, gojira was really that important, don't ever think that missing her is stupid, it's just how you feel about it, and it's just right, we can connect in unique ways with animals, and you both had something really special, I know that it was really painful to say goodbye, but in soul, you should stay together forever, just remembering every precious moments you had, and knowing she was happy with you,you were a great partner, I'm sure of that, so no tears! Maybe someday you'll be able to see goji again, until then, just make her proud and have it present always just like before