Saturday, May 30, 2020


A couple of years ago i played Toukiden in the PS Vita and i really liked it, it was much more simplistic than Monster Hunter, i loved the yokai and oni theme and the awesome graphics as well. Now i wonder if i am the only one who played it or if someone still remember this game?? But aside of all that, it seems Tecmo Koei always design pretty sexy looking male character, something i really apreciate.

From all the good looking men in the game, my favorite was deffinetly the leader of the Oni Slayers, the 51 years and extra hunky Yamato. He is not playable and dosnt follow the player to the battlefield (tough he does it in Toukiden Kiwami) but you can meet him in the onsen of Utakata Villague and bath with him.

This is were i took the idea for this drawing, Yamato arriving to the onsen and undressing to get into the hot water. I love how nicelly designed he is despite not being a protagonist and i really wanted people to notice him. I doubt someone else draw him after this but i can dream.

I enjoyed a lot drawing him of course, hes terriblly sexy and it was easy to handle him, tough i had the most troubles with the background, i really strugle to make it look like an onsen with vapor mixing with nature and i ended doing a lots of layers. Forgive me for the awkard result!!


Lay said...

Yummie caza demonios...

DEVILMAN said...

Lay bienvenido!!!!